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soloman 06-May-16
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From: soloman
Just curious if anybody has purchased this membership in Montana? If so what is your thoughts about being a member?


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It is a nice option but I am not sure it is worth the $$$ for years and years until one finally draws a sheep tag in 680.

Plus there is boo-coo public ground with in 680.

Good luck, Robb

From: soloman
Hey thank you Robb. I actually applied in 482 and unfortunately they don't state what land or how much access it gives a member. I'm ok with paying the fee just not sure of what time frame, access, ect, the membership provides? Any help or anybody who has used this membership would be a big help. Thanks

From: Huntcell
From there website:Receive an affordable way to hunt private land for 5 days of self-guided hunting access to prime hunting areas in 680.The your rainbow ram. Your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!" Website also states he has 2,000 acres plus the family ranch. No mention how big the family ranch is or if its included or what acres are included specifically. Does allude to being assigned hunt dates. I have not heard of any difficulty finding sheep on public land in 680.

I have been applying for 14 years so even if there $59 Annual fee stayed the same that would have been $826 into HIS pot of gold and it's a year by year agreement so it could be withdrawn any year. So after decades of being in his strange deal he quits offering the deal. Damn the luck you draw the following year. What am I missing? The chance of drawing a tag is so tiny why throw away money on this lead pot of a deal? Use the money to buy extra chances in the sheep super tag lottery. Irritating but funny that he can't even keep his website updated, shows 2013,/2014 in his info pages. That's a problem with numerous outfitters they let their websites slide, sure doesn't make a good impression. They can't take a few moments each year and keep their website current makes me think what else they let slide.

Good points/comical too Huntcell, that would suck! haha

solo---I drew 482, 2 years ago----if ya draw touch base with me for sure my friend.

Good luck, Robb

From: Desert Sheep
If you go to their outfitting website you see the same hunters from their Chase site....weird. Sent them a question about it, but I don't expect a response.

From: soloman
Thanks to everyone! All your comments are very helpful. Rob I will definitely touch base with you if I draw. Thanks again!!

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