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Small Animal Skulls?
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MDW 07-May-16
Stubbleduck 07-May-16
cnelk 07-May-16
Jim B 08-May-16
sir misalots 08-May-16
From: MDW
I had a guy ask me a bit ago if there was any kind of market for animal skulls. Skunk, Armadillo, Opossum, things like that. I looked on ebay and see lots of skulls for sale, but have no idea if any of them sell.

Any of you experts hear of anything that might be going on?

From: Stubbleduck
Check the "Skulls Unlimited" website. I think they occasionally buy skulls. I have had them prep (With dermestid beetles) several skulls. They do great work.

From: cnelk
When you're on eBay look at the Completed Auctions section. It will show you what sold and for how much

From: Jim B
There are a ton of trappers cleaning and selling raw or cleaned skulls.The amounts they are getting,isn't enough to motivate me to do it.

From: sir misalots
I once went to a outpost in Arizona that had just about every bone ,skull and antler was a cool, and creepy experience.

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