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Fresh Plowed Fields
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Zim1 10-May-16
Charlie Rehor 10-May-16
wkochevar 10-May-16
Mark Watkins 10-May-16
Pat Lefemine 10-May-16
r-man 10-May-16
From: Zim1
I'm curious what's been some of your observations with regards to turkey movement influenced by fresh plowed fields that have sandy soil suitable for dusting bowls.

I've been hunting in SE Wisconsin public land the last week and seeing far less turkey than in the previous 4 years. The only difference I notice is the mosaic of farm fields had not been plowed yet. That changed yesterday when all the fields finally got plowed, leaving dry sandy soil great for dusting bowls. I also made some mock dusting bowls of my own in my favorite CRP field between the roosting timber and these fields.

I'm hoping this will make a noticeable difference but I really don't know. Anyone know about this? Thanks.

In the east when the fields have been planted in corn the turkeys love to eat the seed.

From: wkochevar
Our fields here are a sandy loam and after they have been worked for planting and/or planted the turkeys switch to them for all the freshly turned over roots, tubers, bugs, etc. Great place to set up and intercept. Not sure about the dust bowling...

From: Mark Watkins
^^^^^^^^What wkochevar said to "the T!"

The Turks love to pick through a freshly plowed field!


From: Pat Lefemine
I tilled a field three weeks ago and by that same afternoon I had a hen giving herself a dust bath. But I don't think that's what draws them. I agree with wkovchevar and Charlie. They just love to pick through the soil to get the grubs, insects and seeds that are easy picken's.

From: r-man
just hunt where you see birds , plowed or not.

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