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Wy. unit 75 Antelope
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ahunter55 10-May-16
speedgoat 13-May-16
wyohunter1 13-May-16
midwest 13-May-16
ahunter55 14-May-16
wytex 16-May-16
DakotaArcher 17-May-16
wyohunter1 19-May-16
From: ahunter55
Anyone been or know about availability of waterholes in this unit.. Thinking of burning my 5 points for this unit.. My knees are shot so I'm looking for information on available water in this unit as I am stuck with blind hunting over water... Any info appreciated. Thanks.

From: speedgoat
PM sent

From: wyohunter1
There is quite a few water holes and a lot of antelope.

From: midwest
Hope you have a great hunt, John!

From: ahunter55
PM received. Thanks everyone.

From: wytex
Don't count waterholes until Aug. Things will change and antelope will drink from a puddle if they feel the need.

From: DakotaArcher
I'm also looking at this unit for applying for. Any areas better than others or where to stay away from? Not trying to hijack your thread but looking for some info also.

From: wyohunter1
During archery, you will probably have the whole unit to your self. There is literally antelope over the whole unit.

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