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Wind matter much?
Mountain Goat
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Bou'bound 11-May-16
Cajunarcher 11-May-16
Cazador 11-May-16
Nick Muche 11-May-16
drycreek 11-May-16
huntindoc 11-May-16
Bou'bound 12-May-16
BULELK1 12-May-16
MathewsMan 12-May-16
HUNT MAN 12-May-16
TD 12-May-16
SDHNTR(home) 12-May-16
From: Bou'bound
How much does playing the wind (where possible) matter when goat hunting?

From: Cajunarcher
I've only been on 1 goat hunt and we came in from above the goats which most of the day the wind was blowing up so we didn't have any issues with wind.

From: Cazador
Ha, and you thought the "odds for the math guys" question was dumb.

From: Nick Muche
I'd say zip. Have had a few walk right up to me in Alaska. But I'd still use the wind as I would with anything else when possible.

From: drycreek
Bou, I aint ever seen but one goat when I was hunting, and I smelled him before he smelled me :)

From: huntindoc
I hunted goats a couple years ago by my self, then 2 years later with my Dad. I expected an easy go of it. I busted a really nice billy out at over 500 yrds because I moved too much, and another time, the wind definitely busted us. If I were to hunt them again, I would be as careful as if I were hunting elk or deer.

From: Bou'bound

I have been on multiple Mnt. Goat hunts.

2 on my own tags/2 states and helping out with others that have drawn over the years.

I would say from my knowledge/experience it is like 50/50.

Good luck, Robb

From: MathewsMan
It might matter a bunch on shooting an arrow in a cross-wind.

My experience is they are like most other big game, if they have your direct wind, gig's up.

I have only hunted mountain goats once. But they love where I elk hunt. Seems to me if they smell you they leave in a hurry. Guess it all depends on where you are hunting. Good luck Goats live in a special place. Hunt

From: TD
I understand in some places it won't matter if you're carrying a bag of potato chips or use patchouli oil as cover scent.... =D

From: SDHNTR(home)
Depends on how much they are hunted, in my limited experience. But they do seem to rely on their eyesight and their ability to get into impassable terrain more than anything else. I certainly wouldn't discount their ability to smell if I could avoid it.

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