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Limcroma Safaris May 17-27th.
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AZbeaglelover 12-May-16
PREZ 13-May-16
Chief 419 13-May-16
t-roy 14-May-16
Second Shot 31-May-16
We will be in South Africa at Limcroma Safaris May 17-27th. Does anyone else plan on being there at that time?

From: PREZ
I'm going on June 30 for a week.. good luck, post some pics when you get back.

From: Chief 419
Good luck guys. I hunted with Limcroma in 2012. You're in for a great hunt. Shoot first, worry about how you're going to pay for it later.

From: t-roy
My wife & I went there in July of 2015 & shared camp with 4 fellow Bowsiters. You will have an absolute blast! First rate outfit in every aspect.

One suggestion I would make is to take a couple of trail cameras with you. It's pretty cool to download the pics & see what has shown up when you weren't there!

From: Second Shot
Well, is it too soon to ask for story and pictures?

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