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S15 Colorado Sheep early or late?
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From: linehunter
Hey Guys , just wanted to get opinions on when you would want to hunt this season? The obvious answer is "the whole season" Grin!

The reason for my question is that I've been interviewing Outfitters and I am getting 2 different versions of what they think is the best time.

Outfitter 1 wants to hunt at the very end of the season. His reasoning is that A all the archery elk hunters and B the Sheep will have moved to their winter range and we won't catch them "Transitioning".

Outfitter 2 wants to start at the beginning of the season because you have the whole season, so if the weather gets bad, or you have trouble locating them you can leave for a few days (or a week) and come back and hunt.

Thanks for the help! Chris

From: Ramhunter
Go with whichever outfitter is named John Gardner. I promise it will be the best decision you make.

From: Dogman
I went with Dick Ray (Lobo) when I drew the tag in 2008. Saw a ton of sheep, and shot a great 15x36 ram day 1. At that time I think they were the only outfit hunting sheep in there. They have been taking rams in there for a long time I know. Great crew, tough to go wrong with Dick.

I like option 2, if you do not kill you can come back at the end of the season

Option 1 sounds like less work for the outfitter- he gets the money guaranteed and only has to mess around with you for a week on lower winter range. Of course that could be the most effective way to hunt so the outfitter gets the most money for least amount of work...

Option 2 seems like they want to kill a sheep! and are willing to work their butts off for it. Of course you may expend more time and energy to get it done. Time (scouting and hunting) is the crucial factor in Bowhunting, the more, the better!

For a test, see if you could arrange the fee structure based on success, a flat daily rate for the hunt, then a bonus for a kill and see how much they want to work for you...

From: linehunter
Some great responses in this thread. Thanks for all your input it's very much appreciated. Cheers!

From: CWeeks
+1 for Lobo, I hunted with Mike Ray and was very pleased, heard only good about John Gardner but no experience with him, good luck.

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