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Good Morning All,

I am sure many of you all got this same oversized postcard in the mail recently.

I have a lot of respect for 1 of the guides listed and am not familiar with the other one.

$349.00 a year membership----


From: Redman
I spoke to Travis for about an hour and ended up joining for Deer and Sheep

From: Treeline
Interesting concept.

A great deal for those starting with points already accumulated. Both outfitters are quality folks.

From: bb
349.00 a year until you are drawn?

That has Tuttilik written all over it.

From: fin little
Sounds exactly like the program Steve Chappel started before the 2016 elk draw. I signed up with 12 points.

From: Junior
My thoughts, pyramid.

From: Scar Finga
More like big business banking... Multiple investors, equal more money in the bank. The percentages of people investing would at any given time be much higher than those that are withdrawing/ being drawn for a hunt. I doubt you would do this on anything but a true "Trophy" hunt. but it actually makes sense that an outfitter/ guide would do this. They would bank all the money, collect the interest and only have to pay out when a client draws a tag. It is probably a really good option for non residents and those that want a quality guided hunt for a trophy animal. No I am not a member:) But I might be soon... it's a dollar a day. S.F.

I thought about it in Jan. with 14 deer points it might be worth it...

From: KY EyeBow
No thanks!!

From: HANS1
I joined for deer only I have 15 points so should have a good tag soon. Good concept the only concern is how long is it guaranteed to last. You would hate to do this for years and then they go out of business. They are both real good guys Travis McClendon his name on the strip speaks for itself, and Dave Rhodes he is a county sheriff or deputy and long time guide and serious hunter. I met them at the Harrisburg trade show and was impressed with both of them . Another point or sales pitch which made sense was it is more like insurance if you draw unexpectedly.

So if I am reading it correctly it is $349.00 a year per Species---

I have 16 total pts on Deer and 16 total pts on Sheep ~~my unit of 1st choice overlaps each other for same unit, my 2nd choice unit is of equal overlap for both species too.

Thanks for your comments fellow bowsiters

Good luck, Robb

$350.00 first animal $150.00 second animal not sure after that ? 5 day hunt for members after 3 years of membership its a 7 day hunt and it can go up to 14 days. was on the fence but i dont think its for me either. i have 16 deer and 22 sheep points but I like the flexibility of diy or choosing my own outfitter although I have heard many good things about their Outfit.

From: StickFlicker

I don't see a program like this on Chappel's website. Do you know if he still offers it?

From: WapitiBob
yes he does. link on it's way

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