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Rut Period for Northern Alberta Moose
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WildYote 25-May-16
Matt Quick 26-May-16
From: WildYote
What is the rut period for moose in Northern Alberta? I have heard last week in September and first week in October. I am looking at booking a hunt and am wondering what is the premium time frame to call bulls in.

From: Matt Quick
It's hard to say year to year because warm weather can effect how much daytime activity you will see. I hunted N. Alberta in 2012 from sept 17-26 and saw little rutting activity. Temps were in the low forties in the morning and went up from there. I followed up with the hunter after me and he said he saw quite a bit of activity. With that in mind I did another hunt in N. Saskatchewan last year from sept 24-Oct 3 and it seemed we missed the peak of the rut. Keep in mind I was about as far north in these providences as you get. Within 50 mi of the NWT. I've also hunted AK from Sept 15-25 and hit the rut pretty good. If I hunted Canada again I'd go Sept 20-29 and hope it was 25 degrees every morning.

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