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Ignorant Tourists
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Brotsky 26-May-16
Surfbow 26-May-16
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Lawboytom 28-May-16
From: DL

DL's embedded Photo
DL's embedded Photo
It's amazing to me how stupid people can be. These people were camping in Botswana Park. This lion came up licking their tent. They were all excited that they got so close to the lion. There was another one on that was on YouTube briefly that had a video of a dad with wife and kids in a car going through a park in Africa. Some lions were spotted and he decides to get out of the car to get closer shots. He found out how fast a lion is. Before he knew it the lion was on him and tore him to pieces while his family got to watch.

From: Fulldraw1972
Oh there not the same as there house cat?

Some people I am amazed by

It was just getting it's water before getting it's protein.

I heard about this on the radio today. I was amazed because the host was talking about how cool it would have been. All I can say is I would have likely died right there. Heart attack. Had I possessed a gun, all three of us might have died. I'd shot the two lions and likely died of a heart attack shortly there after. It amazes me that some people would see this as cool. Where people with common sense would have been scared to death. Ignorance is bliss. It can be tough too. God Bless men

From: Jim D
The lion is thinking, "what a novel idea, fresh meat wrapped in plastic".

From: Bigpizzaman
Lion looked cold, they should have invited her in!

From: Zbone
Darwin Award in the waiting...

From: Brotsky
I wish more of these types would speed up the process of natural selection with their own stupidity.

From: Surfbow
I usually drink water before a big meal too...

From: Somersbow
The tourists were interviewed on Fox News this am. Clueless.

From: Bushwacker

Bushwacker's Link
Here's the link to YouTube for the tourists killed trying to get that close up of a feeding lion. He got the close up alright.

my god that was horrible to watch.

unbelievable how stupid people can be.

When i was in SA a driver we had told us about a guy who flew into an airfield in the middle of nowhere on his private jet. His insurance company insisted that the plane not be left unattended, so the driver got stuck babysitting the jet for 5 days. he was given a tent, but knowing there were lions in the area he elected to sleep in a tree. on the first night a pride came in. he didn't leave the tree for 5 days b/c they were hanging around.

5 days in a tree is a better deal than 5 minutes in a tent surrounded by lions.

From: willliamtell
Well if they were unarmed there isn't a lot they could have done at that time otherwise. How they got in that situation in the first place is probably where stupidity was involved.

From: Phil/VA
They got in this situation by camping in a designated camp site in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park which is a National Park shared by Botswana and South Africa. There are accommodations throughout the park, ranging from chalets to tent sites.

From: StickFlicker
"The lion is thinking, "what a novel idea, fresh meat wrapped in plastic". "

As opposed to anti-hunters who think that fresh meat should only come wrapped in plastic...

From: DanaC
naah, the anti-hunters don't eat meat, preferring tofu

From: Lawboytom
The people in the tent are idiots.

That video is obviously a production. A lion wouldn't just lay on the guy like that and there wouldn't be a director in the credits if it was real.

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