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Prayer Request for HEAT!
Mule Deer
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Lv2hnt 28-May-16
HUNT MAN 28-May-16
Matt 28-May-16
Brotsky 28-May-16
Paul@thefort 29-May-16
Heat 29-May-16
Beginner 29-May-16
From: Lv2hnt
NOTE: Please excuse my posting this in more than one place, but many of you know Heat from the mule deer forum ...

My good friend Heat here in Arizona has been experiencing some discomfort with his eye the past several months. After viewing MRI results, yesterday Heat's ophthalmologist told him that he has a mass/tumor in the orbit behind his right eye. Heat has an appointment scheduled with a specialist in about 10 days.

Nick(Heat) is a man of faith (Christian believer). As such, he'd very much appreciate any and all of your prayers for God's healing. Nick knows God has him in His hands through all this, but the news is unsettling for his family nonetheless. A special prayer too for Nick's 2-year-old daughter that God will comfort her in this time of uncertainty.

On a side note (although this may sound a bit petty considering everything): This year Nick finally was successful with a VERY hard-to-draw Arizona cow buffalo tag for the North Kaibab (it runs 2 weeks starting July 15). How great would it be if he'd still be able to make that hunt! :-)

Heat has been a special member of Bowsite for many years. Your prayers and support will mean a lot ...

God bless and a speedy recovery. Hunt

From: Matt
That is terrible news, my best to him and his family.

From: Brotsky
Praying for good news and a full recovery. God bless.

From: Paul@thefort
We wish him the very best. Praying for sure.


From: Heat
Guys I am humbled beyond words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This means a lot and I am eternally grateful. Please keep me in your prayers in the days and weeks ahead when the "new" wears off. I have faith in medicine and an immeasurable Faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. He is the same today as when He walked on Earth and He is still capable of things beyond our imagination. This one is a piece of cake for Him! Thank you and God Bless You!

From: Beginner
Prayer sent form Ca.

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