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Toby 30-May-16
B N A A guy 30-May-16
Redman 30-May-16
Nick Muche 30-May-16
Toby 31-May-16
From: Toby
Any information/ comments regarding Afognak Wilderness (Josh Randall) I am looking for an opportunity to hunt brown bear with them The main issue is that it is a draw area, so we will wait and see

From: B N A A guy
Toby, it's a world class lodge and operation. You can't go wrong with them. The draw isn't that bad and you will have the hunt of your life. It's not cheap but it will be well worth your investment!!

Good luck in your decision and please share your experience with us here if you ever go.

Best regards, Scott Alberda

From: Redman
I am booked for May 2017, but waiting on the draw as well. I did hunt with them last year, all I can say is first class!

From: Nick Muche
Josh and Luke are great guides down there, best of luck!

From: Toby
Thanks Guys. Hope i have a good luck in Feb with the draw.

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