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CO unit 40 deer, Guide or TP suggestion?
Mule Deer
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MuleyFreak 01-Jun-16
COLO 3-D 02-Jun-16
wildwilderness 02-Jun-16
PAstringking 02-Jun-16
wildwilderness 02-Jun-16
Dave 02-Jun-16
iceman 06-Jun-16
MuleyFreak 16-Jul-16
iceman 16-Jul-16
oldgoat 16-Jul-16
elkstabber 18-Jul-16
Mudslinger 19-Jul-16
dizzydctr 20-Jul-16
From: MuleyFreak
Any suggestions for a guide or recommended tress pass fee spot for unit 40 archery deer? Or should I get a refund?

Thanks in advance for any help.

From: COLO 3-D
I had someone at the CPW tell me that getting a refund was not going to be as easy this year or in the future. With that in mind, you better find a guide. Mostly private and with the points required, it isn't likely that a trespass fee will be all that affordable.

Gleason's own some nice property up there, maybe you are related? You could call Mike Lawson for a guide up there.

Otherwise if you hunt public come a few days early to scout and plan to kill the first week.

From: PAstringking
Not going to be cheap but Steve Biggerstaff runs good hunts in unit 40

If I were to pay I would want access to high elevation private. Otherwise you can turn the tag back!

From: Dave
Good luck. Thanks to Huntin Fool, there's only a few guides in that unit and they are now booked a couple years out.

From: iceman
MuleyFreak, Just out of curiosity - how many points did it take you to draw?

From: MuleyFreak
I had 1 point. No relation to any Gleasons in CO. Except my Sister who lives in Sedalia.

From: iceman
Good deal. I drew last year with 2 points, just wondering if it had crept up or not. Thanks and good luck.

From: oldgoat
I like Charmin for my TP

From: elkstabber
Definitely bring TP.

From: Mudslinger
I would try Mike Lawson

From: dizzydctr
I will second Mike Lawson. I drew a 2nd season rifle tag for elk this year after 16 years of applying for a 1st season tag and giving up. I have hunted with Mike in the past and look forward to my hunt with him in October.

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