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Doubleforky 06-Jun-16
SteveB 07-Jun-16
iceman 07-Jun-16
pav 07-Jun-16
bigeasygator 07-Jun-16
earlyriser 07-Jun-16
Teeton 07-Jun-16
MichaelArnette 07-Jun-16
stealthycat 21-Jun-16
FM 21-Jun-16
hunt'n addict 21-Jun-16
Doubleforky 22-Jun-16
bird dog 22-Jun-16
SteveB 22-Jun-16
KTH 22-Jun-16
krieger 02-Jul-16
MichaelArnette 03-Jul-16
pop-r 04-Jul-16
trublucolo 04-Jul-16
From: Doubleforky
For anyone waiting for there deer refund, I received mine today.

From: SteveB
Last year my elk refund never came and they had to reissue. Will be interesting to see what happens this year.

From: iceman
Got mine yesterday too. Louisiana

From: pav
Got my deer refund yesterday too....Indiana

From: bigeasygator
Deer refund came too yesterday. Anyone get their elk refund yet?

From: earlyriser
Deer refund yesterday.....NM

From: Teeton
Got my deer!!!

I ain't getting a Elk refund.. :)


I got mine yesterday as well, my buddy is still waiting on his

From: stealthycat
I got an antelope I think ... no deer refund or elk yet


From: FM
I got my elk in the mail Saturday.

Got my deer refund last week, but still waiting for my elk refund.

From: Doubleforky
Got my elk refund Saturday

From: bird dog
I'm waiting on my tag!

From: SteveB
Both refunds received

From: KTH
Don't you hate it when you get your refund and have to do something responsible with the money, like pay bills. Uuuggghhh

From: krieger
KTH, bite your tongue! haha I got my point purchased and going to splurge next year! Should be able to draw for the plains.

How do you buy preference points in Colorado?

From: pop-r
Only available the first Tuesday in April every year.

From: trublucolo

trublucolo's Link
"How do you buy preference points in Colorado?"

Make the Preference Point hunt code your first choice on your application, then fill in the other hunt code choices (up to 3)in the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th choice boxes. This is out of the regs at the link specifically regarding PPs.

>> PREFERENCE POINT HUNT CODE Specific preference-point hunt codes are listed at the front of each species section in this brochure. Entering this hunt code as a first choice on your application automatically awards you a point, if eligible. You can choose other hunt codes as your second, third or fourth choices. Do not submit a separate application for preference points or both applications will be disqualified. You must pay the full cost of a license and meet all requirements even if only applying for a point. If only applying for a point, your money, minus the $3 application fee and $10 Habitat Stamp fee, is refunded. An additional $40 ($30 resident deer or pronghorn) may be deducted if you don’t meet the criteria under No. 9 in “How Preference Points Work.”

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