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Yukon Big Game Outfitters
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Waterdawg 07-Jun-16
Russell 08-Jun-16
Mule Power 08-Jun-16
greg simon 09-Jun-16
Waterdawg 10-Jun-16
greg simon 11-Jun-16
BIG BEAR 26-Jul-16
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From: Waterdawg
I'll be hunting archery moose with YBGO in '17. If you have hunted with YBGO, please send me your thoughts on pros/cons - dos/don't dos - based on your experience there, i.e. boat hunt vs lake hunt vs horse hunt, etc.

Feel free to send me a private message.

Thanks in advance.

From: Russell
I hunted caribou and moose last Sept.

Good experience. Give me a call and we can talk details.

See PM.

From: Mule Power
I've known Shawn Raymond for 16 years. He used to own Coal River Outfitters. You'll have a good hunt. The monster moose are there that's for sure and those guys know how to kill them. Tell Shawn Joe Ferraro said hello.

From: greg simon
I'm booked with them 9-25 thru 10-4 2017. What dates are you hunting? If you have not already give Russell a call, he will give you some good info. I did a lot of research and Shawn and Sandra Raymond(YBGO) are who I chose! Good Luck!!!

From: Waterdawg
Russell - Thank you for the great information.

Mule Power - Will do.

Greg - I'm hunting 9-15 thru 9-25.

From: greg simon
Good deal. Maybe we will cross paths coming in and out. If you leave any big ones for me be sure to save GPS coordinates!!!

I don't see a lot of web sites for the higher end moose hunts posting their prices.......

Would 20 grand from my door to the hunt and back home cover a Yukon hunt ?? I'm talking the whole shooting match...... Airlines.......tags......expenses,,,,,right down to the tip.........and getting some meat home.......

25 ??

Just trying to get an idea if a Yukon moose hunt would be an affordable retirement present to myself in 4 years......

Does anyone have any info on Brad Fry or Don Lind with McMillan River Outfitters ?? Don Guided me to a B&C Bear in 1998 in Alberta....and I would hunt with him again in a HEARTBEAT..... I've seen both of them guiding moose hunts on T.V.

From: Db1
Higher end doesn't always mean higher success. I'm not sure what a moose hunt goes for today but would guess it's close to $20k in most spots. I can tell you when I was at shawns ybgo I saw lots of moose and the continue to harvest monsters every year. Some guys will book a caribou hunt and extend it and pay trophy fees for other animals but I would still suggest booking during the rut for moose. You won't be disappointed going to the Yukon or with Shawn

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