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Anyone know of an opening for 2 hunters?
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coonazz 09-Jun-16
Unchained 09-Jun-16
SteveB 09-Jun-16
B N A A guy 09-Jun-16
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WV Mountaineer 09-Jun-16
Thunder Head 10-Jun-16
Kdog 12-Jun-16
From: coonazz
I know it's incredibly late to be inquiring about this now, but my moose hunt in BC that I've had booked (with deposits) since late 2014, doesn't look like it's going to happen. The outfitter hasn't responded to emails and phone calls for months now. I'm looking for a 2016 moose hunt for 2 hunters. Unguided archery/rifle. Let me know if anyone knows of something.

Of course - thinking this was going to happen, I've adjusted all drawings/hunts for this year and now I'm close to panic-mode.

From: Unchained
Who was it with? Let us know to avoid. Thanks

From: SteveB
Couldn't do unguided in BC anyway, right?

From: B N A A guy
In BC a non-resident of Canada (alien) must hunt with a licensed hunting guide from BC or a resident that holds an Accompany to Hunt Permit. The rule for the Accompany to Hunt Permit requires the non-resident to be a relative. This includes close family but not cousins.

Best regards, Scott Alberda

From: Don K
Hope you didn't have a large down-payment......

I'm sorry to hear this bud. Good luck and God Bless

From: Thunder Head
Have you tried to get in touch with him in any other way?

Maybe someone at: can help you figure out whats going on with this guy.

Id ask the guys on here if anyone new him personally too.

From: Kdog
Man, that really sucks. I got an email from Bowhunting Safari Consultants offering some discounted hunts for this fall. You may want to contact them.

I had a good moose hunt Webbers Lodges in Manitoba. According to their website they had two openings for this fall.

I am sure BSC and Webbers would be guided hunts though.

One other option to throw out there would be Ontario. My dad's friend owns a fishing resort up there and they have moose hunts. Not sure if they would have any openings or not. I did this hunt quite a few years ago, but didn't have much luck. This would be a DIY hunt, not a very expensive option but you are going to be on your own pretty much.

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