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Montana Antelope Deadline
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Will 09-Jun-16
Bigdan 09-Jun-16
Will 10-Jun-16
BigOzzie 10-Jun-16
From: Will
Hoping someone can throw me a lifeline and make me feel better for being stupid and missing the date for filing for a NR Montana Antelope tag.

Is there any possible that I can get a MT Antelope tag now after the June 1 date has passed.


From: Bigdan
There was a few left over after the draw last year sold out in about 15 min. when they went on the open market.

From: Will
How can I find out when the tags are drawn and when I might be able to request a leftover


From: BigOzzie
montana fish wildlife and parks lists an estimated date go to the bowsite montana forum and it will be listed in a text box on the middle of the right edge of the page, once on the fwp site you will have to surf a little but I just saw on there yesterday the estimated date for the moose draw was the week of June 13th, so I know they list it I just am not sure where.


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