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Recommend Pig Hunt
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WideRack 09-Jun-16
Soda 09-Jun-16
foxwillkill 10-Jun-16
spike buck 10-Jun-16
Arrowflinger 10-Jun-16
Fuzzy 10-Jun-16
Neb_Bowhuntin' 10-Jun-16
HighLife 11-Jun-16
Bou'bound 11-Jun-16
From: WideRack
I'm trying to set up a group from my church for a pig hunt. We are in SE Ohio and do not want to drive more than one FULL day to the hunt. We will be using the meat for our Wild Game Ministry Dinner! Most are archers. But some may prefer firearm. Please give me your recommendation! GBTA! ??

From: Soda
Hog Haven in WV

From: foxwillkill
Cin. OH to Shiloh Ranch a short day trip 13 hrs. You will be glad you did.

From: spike buck

spike buck's embedded Photo
spike buck's embedded Photo
I would recommend Shiloh Ranch or No Mercy. Both are sponsors, both are highly successful.

Denny on the right is head guide for no mercy.

From: Arrowflinger
I agree with above. I have only hunted with Shiloh. They have hunters come from Ohio every year. You will have a great time for sure! Give them a call.

From: Fuzzy
Clarkrange TN, Ken Moody, outfitter, is in reach as well.

HUNTERS CREEK RANCH in North east Texas is only 13+ hrs from Dayron Ohio. HUNTERS CREEK allows 2 pigs per day, 3 meals per day for only $275/day! Awesome place to hunt!! I've been going there the past 5 yrs now! We drive 11 hrs from Nebraska! Well worth your time. check Em out at And like them in. Facebook!!

Shoot Str8 and Stay Safe


From: HighLife
x2 on Clarkrange(sponsor) great guides will get it done for you as well as a great place to take newbies and they got some big hogs. Give Ken a call.

From: Bou'bound
Caryonah in crossville tn is another quality close option

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