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when to leave stand
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Zebrakiller 13-Jun-16
carcus 13-Jun-16
APauls 13-Jun-16
Brotsky 13-Jun-16
trail hound 13-Jun-16
Bow Nut 13-Jun-16
Ibow 13-Jun-16
Nick Muche 14-Jun-16
Zebrakiller 14-Jun-16
HUNT MAN 14-Jun-16
wkochevar 14-Jun-16
Shug 15-Jun-16
From: Zebrakiller
I often leave the stand when I can no longer make the perfect shot on a bear or its to dark to film, I feel I would rather leave the stand a few minutes early than have the target bear come in and to dark for a shot and have to bump him off the bait in order to get out. what are your thoughts.

From: carcus
It's what I do, good plan

From: APauls
Carcus kills lots of big bears. Don't second guess yourself - that's probably the biggest killer!

From: Brotsky
You're doing it right ZK! Just get down whenever you feel like you can't make the shot anymore.

This year I got down with a bear near the bait, it must not have bothered him too much since he followed me back to the bike trail! Ha!

From: trail hound
Great one Brotsky! I had a young, long legged chocolate, rubbed, color phase that knew I was in the tree above the bait. I didn't want to shoot him, but every now and then he would walk over and pop his jaws a bit, then go back to the bait. I didn't really want to get down out of the tree while he was there, but much less after dark when I couldn't see. I tried to scare him away but he wasn't going to leave. It was getting darker so I finally tried to slide quietly down the tree to sneak out. He saw me and spooked a little then started following me out. I turned and charged him a little, which sent him scrambling. Needless to say I was looking back over my shoulder all the way out. I'd guess he thought I was another bear.

From: Bow Nut
They certainly are a curious creature. I had one damn near come in my ground blind 2 years ago. It's a good thing he wasn't in the mood for what I had for breakfast being as it was then in my underwear :)

From: Ibow
I've always stayed in the stand until there's no shooting light. If there's no bears, hit the road. If there's a bear on the bait, wait until your outfitter arrives with the quad/flashlight to get you and scares any bears off.

I'm hyper conscious of what may occur the following night re the bears. Bears are bears and a baited bear stand is what it is but the highly pressured, northern MI public land whitetail thing is always on my mind.

From: Nick Muche
What would you do if you could see all night?

From: Zebrakiller
Nick stay as long as I could if legal but manitoba is one half hour after sunset


HUNT MAN's embedded Photo
HUNT MAN's embedded Photo
I leave when my arrow looks like this!!

I like to sit as long as possible. Some of my better bears came In the last 20 minutes of light. Hunt

From: wkochevar
Being as most bait sites I've sat on tend to be in pretty deep dense forest areas I usually have to give it up about 10 minutes after sunset as I can no longer see well enough thru the peep to feel comfortable with a shot. It always amazes me how much more light there is once you step out on the road or trail.

From: Shug
I slip out when I can't see well enough pick a spot to put my pin on...

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