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Colorado 80/81 Mule deer
Mule Deer
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jtelarkin08 14-Jun-16
MichaelArnette 15-Jun-16
From: jtelarkin08
I drew a 80/81 archery deer tag. Will be headed up early september. Just curious how the deer are in these units. I don't want to be passing up a 140 inch deer if that is the class of buck i should be targeting in these units. Is there a decent number of good bucks or will it be a hunt that I'm looking for a decent 4 pt ???

I have hunted elk in the unit, the terrain makes those good bucks hard to reach and able to bed in un-stalkable scenarios. I wouldn't set standards too high. I had a buddy who is a very determined and experienced Muley hunter hit that unit hard and didn't end up filling his tag. I think he could have shot a young buck or two

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