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Jasiri Pro Safaris - cancellation offer
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Ken Moody 15-Jun-16
StickFlicker 15-Jun-16
Ken Moody 15-Jun-16
Heat 16-Jun-16
Ken Moody 18-Jun-16
wcbarker 02-Jul-16
From: Ken Moody
Well, as happens to all of us sometimes we have just received a cancellation notice from a group scheduled to arrive the first week of July. As a result we now have openings up to 18 July. I know this is extremely short notice but we can offer a 7 to 10 day safari to any group of two or more for zero daily rates. Just pay trophy fees for what you shoot. You must pay $1000 up front which will be applied towards your trophy fees but the daily rates are waived. This is good up to July 18th.

Ken Moody

From: StickFlicker

Could you please send me a species price list? I don't see it on your website. I sent you a PM with my email address. Thanks.


From: Ken Moody
Emailed to you. Let me know if you need further info.


From: Heat
Go for it Marvin!

From: Ken Moody

My close friend just returned from a hunt with Jasiri a couple weeks ago. They absolutely had a great time and could not speak highly enough about the staff, lodging, food, hunting...everything else.

Daily rates are waived?...heck of a deal for someone to jump on.

From: wcbarker
If I didn't just get back I would be all over this...

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