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NH Draw results
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Gene 17-Jun-16
Neubauer 17-Jun-16
PV 17-Jun-16
bill v 18-Jun-16
Zim1 18-Jun-16
eidsvolling 20-Jun-16
phutch30 20-Jun-16
ToddT 22-Jun-16
hurricane 24-Jun-16
Gene 25-Jun-16
ridgerunnerron 25-Jun-16
ToddT 25-Jun-16
WoodMoose 26-Jun-16
Bou'bound 26-Jun-16
Moons22 26-Jun-16
bigbuck 26-Jun-16
NY Bowman 28-Jun-16
Gene 28-Jun-16
From: Gene
Only 71 permits issued this year and once again no luck for me going in with 13 points. Every year my points go up and the number of permits goes down. I will make it up to Northern NH anyway with my Brittanies hunting grouse and woodcock.

From: Neubauer
Crazy how fast the moose tags have dwindled over the last 5 years.

From: PV
Crazy how the moose have dwindled in the last 5 years also. 13 points for next year

From: bill v
nothing for me either

bill v

From: Zim1
Yikes every time I see their quota drop I feel even luckier I was able to burn my points. Also that I made the decision not to get back in the game there. I only had a 1% chance in 2012 with max nonresident points so starting back from the ground floor must be around 1 in 1,500. Especially with HF encouraging more to apply. Pretty easy decision. Best of luck to you other Bowsiters. BTW - With a 9 day season and low bull numbers I don't recommend using a bow if you draw. Based on my scouting and hunt.

From: eidsvolling
Paul knows this already: I'm 1 in 71 (well, at least for this purpose ...) – A2, either sex.

The bow gets the first crack at this, with my rifle making the trip as well in case I go moose-less for several days. My sub-permittee will be carrying his rifle. We're going scouting this weekend.

ANY moose-specific advice would be appreciated.

From: phutch30
YES!!!! another point

From: ToddT
I noticed that the number of successful tag holders seemed very low. What seemed strange, was, it seemed like there were more alternates than there was actual tag recipients.

From: hurricane
quote (YoddT): "What seemed strange, was, it seemed like there were more alternates than there was actual tag recipients."

Silliness by the F&G (trying to keep people's interest up?).

From: Gene
I was an alternate 4 years ago, #34. Only 8 alternates got tags that year. I have to agree with hurricane.

This year I was assigned non res alternate #37...which will probably be worthless...last year they only got to alternate non res #9 and res # 26...makes one wonder why they draw 500 alternates?!

From: ToddT
Yeah, about three years ago, I did get alternate something like 50, basically worthless.

And yeah, it makes no sense to draw all of the alternates. It is actually surprising that they would get through 26 residents and 9 nonresidents.

Didn't they have something like three or four hundred tags, just five years ago?

From: WoodMoose
seen my last name on the list and was WOW,,,,then noticed different first name,,,,,,,,,,,

always next year!

From: Bou'bound
Three words




From: Moons22
I have a house in I2 with plenty of moose to go around. Drove up on a nice bull in a pond on the ATV's yesterday. Everywhere we go we either see moose tracks, moose shit, or moose rubs. WAy more moose where I am than deer. While deer hunting up there for the last ten years I've probably seen ten moose for every 1 deer. No moose shortage in I2!

From: bigbuck
my first choice!!!

From: NY Bowman
Four words

Don't Need A Babysitter

From: Gene
Five words Give me a damn tag!

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