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Mule deer around power lines
Mule Deer
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soloman 19-Jun-16
Jaquomo 19-Jun-16
coelker 20-Jun-16
cjgregory 20-Jun-16
creed 23-Jul-16
From: soloman
I'm sure this has been discussed before but I have run into some big buck down in the flats around power lines. Has anyone else had the same experience or might it just be coincidence?

From: Jaquomo
I have, but no more than the other areas in the same vicinity. Newer powerlines have great new growth in the ROW that they love to eat, which could help explain it.

From: coelker
New Growth is a good a point. It depends on where you are talking!

If it is thick, then the power line opens up country and provide them with more open ground which they seem to like!

On wide open dessert country, I have seen the deer and antelope both seek out the shade of the poles to bed in!

From: cjgregory
Saw a big drop tine muley two years ago directly under power lines. Area 16

From: creed

creed's embedded Photo
creed's embedded Photo
Where I hunt they love powerlines

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