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pronghorn Heads Up decoy
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badbull 19-Jun-16
Medicinemann 19-Jun-16
sitO 19-Jun-16
jims 19-Jun-16
badbull 20-Jun-16
From: badbull
I am wondering if any of you pronghorn hunters have any experiences with the Heads Up decoy that you could share.I should draw a tag this year (as well as my granddaughter-her first bowhunt). We will be hunting mid-August before the rut kicks in full bore. The area has water all over so sitting on water really is not an option IMO. Any info good or bad appreciated........badbull

From: Medicinemann
I used one last year. Using terrain, we stalked within 80 yards of a couple nice bucks, and the Heads Up allowed us to get about 5-10 yards closer.....but they still buggered before I was comfortable taking a shot.

From: sitO
In a low or no wind situation they are great, especially if you have a little terrain or yucca etc to block your body. Had a good buck come charging to 30 last Fall, but my string hit the GoPro on my bueno. You'd be hard pressed to find a better company or owner/hunter than Garrett. I'd try one, not too many hunts more exciting than decoying Pronghorn.

From: jims
Antelope are always curious but you may find it tough to break 100 yards in open terrain with a decoy when they aren't rutting? I can't remember any rut activity in August in Wyo or Colo. Around the 2nd week in Sept it starts kicking in. If you want to hunt the rut with a decoy you may want to re-schedule? I'm not exactly sure where you are hunting but you may be able to spot and stalk.

From: badbull
Thanks for the info guys. If I decide to go the decoy route, I will invest in a Heads Up. I have tried an antelope decoy years ago but found it hard to manipulate and prepare to shoot. My best opportunity was a 50 yd. shot at a coyote which I missed. I have been lucky enough to get an antelope on a "spot and stalk" hunt but I don't see it happening with my granddaughter. Your comments back up what I've been thinking. Thanks........badbull

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