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Heart test not needed after bear hunt
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Ken Taylor 20-Jun-16
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From: Ken Taylor

Ken Taylor's embedded Photo
Ken Taylor's embedded Photo
I'm 63 and with a family history of heart disease (my Dad died at 56, my sister has had 3 surgeries), I was thinking about getting a heart stress test this year.

Well, I hunt alone and after getting this guy to and into my truck by myself I figure that if there was anything wrong with my heart, the bear and I would still be laying side by side in the bush.

I thought that a game cart would solve my annual problem but the wheels are not so great in swamp and mud, the cart tips going over logs, uneven ground, etc., and my trail was a lot further and narrower than I thought! The cart still helped a lot though.

I also have an extra leaf spring on my pickup truck so the tailgate is pretty high and I had a heck of a time there too.

But... no greater feeling once he was in the back and I was driving home, and, after a couple days to recover, I can hardly wait to have to do it again.

We must be nuts, LOL!

The first picture is on site with a tripod, and the second picture (to show the white V) is at home the next morning.

From: Ken Taylor

Ken Taylor's embedded Photo
Ken Taylor's embedded Photo

From: Nick Muche
Wow Ken, what a bear! Congrats!

From: BSBD
Nice job Ken! What is your bow and arrow setup?

True giant, again! Congrats! I turned 63 June 7th:)

From: brianhood
How did you get that beast in the truck by yourself?

Great bear. Gorgeous bow!!!

Yes do have the stress test. I want to see your kill at 73. Congratulations.

From: SteveB
Well done!! Good stress test!

From: Ken Taylor
Thanks guys, much appreciated!

I shoot a left handed 75 @ 30" Cari-bow Featherhorn longbow.

My arrows are 31" custom cedar arrows from J&M Traditions. Total weight with broadhead was 745 grains.

The broadhead is a 225 grain single bevel Tuffhead. That was the first time I tried a single blade broadhead for black bears - I usually don't advocate single blades for black bears (I really like them for moose and caribou) but this one produced plenty of blood. I do wish that they were slightly "pointier" or sharper at the tip though.

I enjoy trying different broadheads.

I managed to get the bear still strapped to the cart into the back of the truck by putting the front edge of the cart on the edge of the tailgate and lifting and pushing with every once of strength I had.

I failed on the first couple of attempts and it was frustrating. On the successful attempt I had to stop half way and take a rest bent over with my hands on my knees and the cart across my back. I knew that if I let it down I would never get it back up that night.

The strength training and competitions I did in my younger years certainly helped me even though I am not 1/3 of what I was, LOL! I'm going to try to figure out another system for the loading.

I drank a large jug of water, a large container of juice, and about 3 bottles of Gatorade in the 4-5 hours I struggled from the kill site to loading him in the truck. It was a clear night but my clothes were as wet as if I had jumped in the river.

From: drycreek
Nice bear ! I don't know how you got him in that truck, it's all I can do to get a 150 lb. deer in the truck.

From: notme
Nice bear congrats...i know of a couple of old timers (75 +) that have a winch hooked up in the front of the bed under the window..they put a sheet of 3/4 plywood against the tail gate the tie off the deer...easy

From: arlone
Great looking bear! Congrats!

From: Mark Watkins
Very nicely done Ken!

Congrats and thanks for posting up!


From: TheSaint

That's a great bear congrats . I bet that a task getting him In the truck. Hunt

From: Buffalo1
That is a great looking trophy.

Congrats on passing your "stress test!!" Wow !!

From: SWVA_Tim
Awesome! Congratulations

From: JohnB
I am impressed way to go Ken all around great job!

From: snapcrackpop
Super cool!

Congratulation on passing the heart test!

From: Bowboy
Congrats Ken on a great bear! I bet the heart was really ticking when the bear came in and gave you a shot opportunity.

That is just plain awesome. Congrats!

From: Ibow
Ken, you are amazing. Year after year, enormous bears. Congrats!

Nice bear! No, that's a big bear! You are a big framed guy too. I imagine few would be able to get that bear in their truck regardless of age. You did well on all accounts Congrats and God Bless

From: Shug
Way to go brother. night I spoke to you I had 4 bears come by after a week of seeing shooters.

Also the guy who missed the one and screwed up on the other. ..spooked yet another big one while drawing his bow....that was 3 p and Y s he had opportunities at ....

Again beauty.....congrats

From: Shug
Ken....give the I don't have to....

From: spike buck
Great bear, CONGRATS!!!

From: Tndeer
Awesome bear. I'm no dr. but I wouldn't pass up on the stress test just yet. My dad had a heart attack a couple years back. We had just comp back from a week of intense fishing in Kamchatka. We were putting in some serous miles in rough terrain and he held up just fine. One week after returning he was prepping for surgery (he is a dr.) and had a heart attack. Luckily he works in a hospital and knows the cardiologists so everything turned out just fine. If he had the heart attack a week before, he would be dead.

From: Zebrakiller
nice bear congrats, hope all works out with the heart

From: Huntcell
So what's the rest of the story? Spot & stalk, bait and ground blind or tree stand? First bear? How's that for size for bears in Quebec it looks like a contender for the top spot! Congradulations

From: GhostBird
What a stud... and a huge bear too!!!

From: Bigpizzaman
Wow! great job Buddy on all accounts!

From: Franzen
Great bear Ken. Many more to come. Hopefully a little easier on the way out. Probably his first one. ;^)

From: Brotsky
Ken, awesome bear! Congrats!

I've had the privilege to load a couple of cow elk whole into the back of the truck before without assistance. A little trick I learned is to bring a furniture blanket with me. I pop the tailgate off and lay it on the furniture blanket to create a ramp of sorts. Then I just slide the elk up the tailgate ramp into the truck. Works great if you have a come along! Not sure if the bed of your truck would be low enough for that trick to work but it has worked great for me!

From: Bushwacker
That looks like a huge bear. Congratulations and you're an inspiration to us all. May you have many more years of great hunting ahead!

From: LBshooter
Beautiful bear, what's he heigh, he looks huge. Go out and get one of those plastic roll up slides they work great. And with your history of bad tickers do yourself and your friends and family a favor, get tested so that you'll be able to hunt next year.

From: Mr.C
very cool


From: Ken Taylor
You guys are really special... you make me feel at home here.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And I will follow your advice.

I have to leave this morning to give an outfitter friend a hand for the last week+ of the season (10 hour drive)... and besides, LOL, I need the money to help pay for an outboard motor I just bought - I have to start fishing when I get back!

I will rejoin you on Bowsite immediately upon my return .

Here's a little add on:

As far as weight, he was very old so was most likely heavier a couple of years ago. We tried to weigh him because we were curious but my friends slipped him off the skinning table too fast and the sudden jolt damaged the Cabela's hanging spring scale. We had to guess him at a minimum of 450 which is big for an old spring bear.

As far as skull measurements (since Shug insists, LOL) - Quebec bears have shorter skulls than western Canadian bears (that average almost an inch more at the same weight and age) and individual genetics play a major role too. I killed one once that was verified by the biologists at 21 1/2 years old and he only officially scored 18 7/16. I killed another that was "only" 13 1/2 years old and he scored 19 12/16.

This guy has no upper front teeth left, back of the skull eaten away a bit by arthritis and measured a pretty strict 20" even which is rare for Quebec. Again, he would have scored more a few years ago - but I like him as is!

It was great hunting him these last couple of seasons, and he could be my oldest ever!

From: Arrowflinger
Congrats on a great Bear and Great Bear!

From: EliteFan
Really amazing, beautiful bear.

Congrats and a helluva job with the traditional archery gear!

Very impressive.

From: JusPassin
Amazing what can be done with a "Stick & String". Nice Job.

From: Tody
Big congrats!! That is a trophy bear. I don't think I could draw your bow, let alone load that bear into the truck. Job well done!!

From: Ungie01201
what an awesome bear!!! congrats! Sounds like you are in pretty darn good shape!

From: dgilbert
very nice, congrats.

From: stoneman
Looks like you passed the "heart test", congrats on a great bear with your longbow!

From: SteveB

My uncle died at 53 dragging a huge buck out. He got too tired sat against a tree and died right there. Was a great 13 pt giant but that was no consolation to the young grandchild he was raising nor his widow.

From: TD
wow. Heck of a bear. Congrats on that alone!

I was lucky enough to go along and help on a bear recovery in NB with George Chase. (2006 I think) They had a 500+ lb bear on the ground that later taped at a bit under 22" if I remember correctly(?) At that time I recall George saying it was likely the biggest bear they'd ever taken. It took all 4 of us several minutes to get him loaded onto an ATV with no room left to drive it!

Ken, if you didn't blow a gasket hauling that monster out and loading it by yourself.... I'd agree, plumbing is A-OK.... wow...

From: Shiras
Well done indeed!

From: t-roy
Congrats on a GREAT bear Ken!

You are a far better man at 63 than I ever thought of being! We hauled a 450 lb. bear out of the swamp in Wisconsin & it took 4 of us! I can't even fathom getting your bear out solo!

Well done! Be sure & stay on top of your potential health concerns so you can keep at it for many years to come as well!

From: SBH
What an inspiration! Good job, beautiful bear.

From: Jim B

Jim B's embedded Photo
Jim B's embedded Photo
Ken congratulations on a great bear.i respect the way you hunt and can't wrap my head around one man loading a bear like that.I would struggle getting the hide in.

You might consider trying a sturdy,plastic sled.I'll never see a 450 lb bear here but have used one on deer,antelope,black bears and similar sized animals.

It's important to have a good setup for lashing the animal in.I set mine up with spring hooks so the animal can be lashed in quickly like lacing with speed hooks.My next order of business is to get or make a ramp to help slide it in.This year,the sled buckled in the middle,with a bear on,trying to get the front end of it,up on the tailgate.It was a hot day and this has never happened before but a ramp would have solved the issue.

And of course,A small winch would be a great plus.

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