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Mulie Doe kills two dogs
Mule Deer
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From: SmokedTrout

SmokedTrout's Link
Wish I could have seen it.

Good news is they're not putting down the deer for killing uncontrolled dogs.

From: Jaquomo
I watched one stomp a coyote once and it wasn't pretty. He was lucky to get away.

From: kscowboy

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This YouTube clip shows what they are capable of doing to a dog:

From: willliamtell
You go girl!

From: HerdManager
Can't stand dog owners who don't control their pets, which is most of them from what I see....

HerdManager X2

Good girl...

From: SmokedTrout
I agree HerdManager. Seems a lot of folks think it's OK to let Fido out the door and come back whenever. Like my current neighbors and their dog. Somehow I felt like an ass telling them it's a problem, but I'm over that now. Hate blaming the dog as well but you know what? There's plenty of them. If they are habitually not under control talk to the owner (nicely?)if possible, otherwise call animal control or lacking options there perform animal control.

Don't get me wrong, I love dogs. But I also control mine and expect other dog owners to be responsible as well.

From: yukon roz
I was running my 8 month old pup german shorthair on the farm I hunt and a big doe chased it by me almost stomped the dog but when it saw me it went back the way it came,I hit the shock collar on the pup when it won't come to my call.I think I taught the pup to leave deer alone.But to be safe I won't run her in the woods anymore. It was an eye opener for me.


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not a deer but shows what can happen when you let dogs run free

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