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A Surprise and Bear Camp
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Bear Track 21-Jun-16
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Bear Track 25-Jun-16
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Bear Track 26-Jun-16
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From: Bear Track

Bear Track's embedded Photo
Bear Track's embedded Photo
One of my guides gave me this walking stick with one of the eagle feathers I'm picking up weekly up at camp. Hard to see in the picture but has bear teeth and bear claws inlayed into the diamond willow.

From: GhostBird
Very cool Ron. Not sure you are in need of it yet, but some day you may. Of course Jeannine could use it to whoop up on you when you act up. Probably could reach you from her side of the line.

From: SlipShot
That is very cool. It would be illegal for most of us to own here is the states!

From: Bigpizzaman
It's Beautiful but what do you need a walking stick for? Oh Jeannine might beat you with it!! Lol

From: Brotsky
Very cool walking stick Ron! Are you finding the eagle feathers right in camp or are they from the nest down the road?

From: Rocking R
Very nice Ron! I agree with the others. That is a perfect tool for Jeannine to keep you in check.

From: Bear Track
I find them along the river when accessing my river baits.

From: buckfevered
Very nice Ron, but I'm betting you'll have a hard time carrying the walking stick and your bow up the elk mountain chasing Dan.

From: SteveB
Love it! Sure wish that was legal in the USA.

From: Bear Track
I have to be pretty careful what I have in my truck with going to our cabin on Lake of the Woods. We have to pass through Minnesota then back into Ontario to get to the cabin, It's only 45 minutes of driving but the law is the law and the Lacey Act is one you never want to argue with. Very often I will have an eagle feather stuck in the sun visor or a piece of something or other and have to rid my truck of anything that would be common to possess here. But here's something I find odd and accommodating at the same time. I can have a firearm or ammunition in my truck to pass through the US with a Canadian destination in my plans, but to have even a box of .17 in my truck with a US destination in my plans, is not legal. Someone figured it out and I have to thank them for it one day.

From: dm/wolfskin
Just declare yourself part Native American. Elizabeth Warren did it. Check your DNA.

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