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brettpsu 21-Jun-16
SDBugler 21-Jun-16
brettpsu 21-Jun-16
IdyllwildArcher 21-Jun-16
BULELK1 22-Jun-16
Franzen 22-Jun-16
Topgun 30-06 22-Jun-16
Bob H in NH 23-Jun-16
DWarcher 23-Jun-16
From: brettpsu
I did not draw unit H with 1 point in the special draw. Unreal

From: SDBugler
Drew Region G. Got tired of building/buying points and not hunting. Didn't feel there are any areas worth more than 10 points so I burned my max points but put in with another guy with 0 points and we applied in the special with 5. Never been there but excited to hunt a new area.

From: brettpsu
I've been through G and hunted H. Very special place.

No dice.

Quickly running out of draws.

That seems screwy brett--!!

11/Max points for me next year as I am just points for this year.

Good luck, Robb

PS Franzen & Mule Power keep that Group Appl. in mind for G next year!

From: Franzen
Thanks Robb. It'll be a wait and see for me, as I have my first little one coming in October. Pushing this years elk hunt up a bit, to the beginning of the season. ;^) I appreciate the thought, and will be thinking about it come next draw season. These draws are definitely getting crazy!

From: Topgun 30-06
brettpsu Date: 21-Jun-16 I did not draw unit H with 1 point in the special draw. Unreal

H was only 58.15% in the Special PP Draw with 1PP and you obviously didn't draw in the Random either! PP Creep is alive and well right now in Wyoming and may not get any better for a long time, if ever under the present system!

From: Bob H in NH
Wife and I drew Area C, going hunting in Wyoming!

Also drew Antelope.

From: DWarcher
We're goin'...

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