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VT Moose (draw open until 7/12)
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From: Ace

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The 2016 VT Moose Lottery deadline to apply is July 12.

There are 160 permits available in the draw, 135 for the Regular Season (10/15-10/20 and 25 for the Archery Season (10/1-10/7).

Cost to apply is $25 for Non-residents, and you CAN apply for both types of tags.

If you drew in 2015 or before you have to wait 3 years to apply again, starting in 2016 you will have to wait 5 years.

The number of Moose and tags is down, but VT has some very nice bulls and a lot of Public land.

From: Quinn @work
"The number of Moose and tags is down"

....and with posts like above your odds of drawing keep going down.

From: hurricane
Whiffed on Maine and NH so VT is the last hope. Beautiful patch of woods in the Northeast Kingdom. Fingers crossed!

From: bigbuck
Ace I think 2015 started the 5 year wait!!

From: Ace
"ELIGIBILITY Winners of the moose lottery for regular or archery moose and auction winners are not eligible to apply for a moose permit or to participate in the the moose permit auction for 3 years. If you won a permit within the last three years, you are not eligible to apply this year or buy a bonus point. Also, anyone who has held a valid moose permit in any of the previous three years cannot be designated as a subpermittee. Beginning with 2016 permit holders, eligibility will increase to 5 years. "

From: gundoglover
according to the VT web site applications closed june 15th.

From: sticksender
Here you go gundoglover:

From: gundoglover
yes sir you are right, but on one of the other tabs it does say the 15th of june. thank you, you forced me to dig a little deeper and by the way I did apply for the lottery.

question - i was watching some Vermont moose hunt videos on youtube. i think in all cases after the kill the moose was dragged out of the woods by horse or ATV.

my question is, what does that do to the cape? seems like if you wanted a shoulder mount one side would be pretty raw depending on how long the drag was... is moose hair just that tough that it isn't a problem?

i hope to find out for myself this year!

From: bigbuck
Ace I see you are right,looks like they changed it again,I drew in 2014 and my wife drew in 2015 she was told that she would have a five year wait and they told me that instead of 3 year that I would also not be able to apply for 5 years,

From: Ace
LaughingWater, we dragged mine out with a horse, but made a sled (of sorts) with a big piece of vey thick plastic . It worked great.

From: Bou'bound
"my question is, what does that do to the cape

if the hide is truly against the ground the answer to your question is it ruins it.

ahhh got it Ace - makes sense. i wasn't paying all that much attention to the videos, but i'm sure for the big boys they took precaution.

hopefully that'll be me this fall!

From: Ace

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Anyone draw a tag?

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