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Turtle shell slate calls
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nehunter 07-Jul-16
buzz mc 07-Jul-16
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writer 12-Aug-16
From: nehunter

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Looks pretty cool, I'll be sure to try this if I find another turtle shell!

From: buzz mc
I've made them before. I usually just buy a 4" x 6" slate chalk board from Hobby Lobby for around $2.50. I don't hunt with them anymore since they don't ride well in my vest, but it's an interesting project.

You need turtle shells, I can help you. I ran across 20+ shells while shed hunting this past spring. I've made both a slate and aluminum turtle shell call. Personally, I thought the aluminum sounded better. They are now in a toolbox in my garage.

From: jims
Very unique calls! They look super nice and would likely work well if inside a blind. I'm not sure if I would want to carry them around all day? I like having my hands free with a's a lot easier carrying around a couple diaphrams if you do much hiking!

From: writer
Box call and slates don't weigh much or take up much room.

I danged sure know guys that are really good with a slate or box, like Joe, Chris, or another guy, can call and sound better and louder than someone who's good with a mouth call.

A buddy has been making turtle shell calls for about 30 years. Like most slates they've had a "sweet spot" where they sound better. We tried about 20 different kinds of strikers on them through the years. Fun.

He took a good shell had had a mold made and now makes similar shells out of, I think, acrylic.

I've taught a lot of kids to use them, and talked them through calling in a bird. True slate is always easier to learn on.

I still like call that's sharper, and louder for good cutting and a lot of rasp in the break-over on the yelps.

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