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Conne River hunt 2017
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caribouken 08-Jul-16
bowonly 08-Jul-16
Charlie Rehor 08-Jul-16
newfiearcher 18-Jul-16
bigeasygator 16-Aug-16
caribouken 16-Aug-16
Cornpone 29-Sep-16
From: caribouken
Recently booked our 2017 NL moose hunt with Conne River based a lot on references to Mr. McDonald's operation here on Bowsite. Will be my 7th trip to the Rock; my hunting buddy's 6th. The hunt is the drive-in as it is within our price range as we do have long drives to get there. Would appreciate anyone's reports on their experiences with Dave's operation; especially how your meat was handled and should we look at trip cancelation insurance. We are 70ish and over a year out. Thanks

From: bowonly
Caribouken, I sent a PM and would be happy to answer specific questions about your upcoming hunt. Give me a call, I would be glad to help.

Good for you! I've hunted with them 5 times so send me a PM with specific questions. C

From: newfiearcher
Caribouken, like Charlie, I've hunted with Conne River for many years. Sent you a PM, too. Happy to talk with you or answer questions.

From: bigeasygator
I will be hunting with them this October and will be sure to both report out and answer any questions you might have after my trip! Can't wait!!

From: caribouken
Bigeasygator...will be very interested in your report as their outfit seems to be well-spoken of on the folks I hace talked to. 2017 in Oct. seems far away but I will bite my tongue and wait.

From: Cornpone
Just returned Tuesday from their bow-only camp Dolland Pond. Killed my 2nd moose in two years. PM if you have any questions.

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