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X Ring 08-Jul-16
Bigdan 08-Jul-16
huntingbob 09-Jul-16
BULELK1 09-Jul-16
X Ring 11-Jul-16
Bigdan 11-Jul-16
sbschindler 12-Jul-16
EliteFan 12-Jul-16
hunt'n addict 12-Jul-16
From: X Ring
A good friend of mine has finally drew his breaks sheep tag after 23 years. Any info on the area or pic of the current inventory would be greatly appreciated.

From: Bigdan
What unit? There is 3 of them wait till the rut starts in November to hunt

From: huntingbob
Good luck to your friend! Grew up just south of there. No intel here. Colorado is home for now.

I hunted 482 two years ago, if that is his unit I have no problem helping him out with intel.

Good luck, Robb

From: X Ring
Its the 622 tag. I now live in Colorado as well. Any help is greatly appreciated.

From: Bigdan
622 is the only breaks unit I have never been in.

From: sbschindler
later might be better for the big rams but its also a crap shoot for weather, Still some big Rams to be seen during the earlier season,

From: EliteFan
I'm struggling to be happy for you but it's difficult.


My best advice is to get a good sized boat and use it to access some good areas east of Fourchette Bay.

You are a lucky, lucky man.

Good luck and keep the Bowsite masses informed on your hunt.

PM sent

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