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Wyoming Region F Mule Deer Drop Camp?
Mule Deer
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bows4bulls 11-Jul-16
bows4bulls 12-Jul-16
From: bows4bulls
Do you guys have any recommendations for an outfitter in region F who does a drop camp mule deer hunt? I know our options may be very limited outside of a wilderness area since we are non-residents. I wouldn't think that a drop camp would qualify for the non resident guide requirements in a wilderness area. I have found only one outfitter online ( who advertises a drop camp. It looks like they operate in unit 111 in the rattlesnake canyon and trout peak area. Any experience with these guys? I've tried to contact them without any luck. We also really like the looks of non wilderness areas of units 105/106, but can't seem to find an outfitter who operates in those areas. 105/106 also look like one of the few areas in F where we could do a DIY backpack hunt. Any info or recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

From: bows4bulls

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