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Wi 1st legal moose harvest in 100 years?
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From: Huntcell

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Is it legal? depends which side of the tribal debate you sit. Was it smart thing to do public relations wise? Dont think so.

For those not familar with Wisconsin moose population, it's simple the state doesn't have one, the state recognizes the moose as a transient species that move in and out of the state from Michigans upper peninsula. Where there numbers are very low. In Wisconsin their numbers are very very very low to near non-existent.

Why do this? What an IDIOIT!! Just like when they spearing spawning walleye and muskies in the shallows each spring! Apparently sportmenship isn't in there psych.

From: YZF-88
Shot at 1am? Good grief.

From: bowbearman
They do what they want when they want and nobody does a thing about it!!! Its BS!!!

From: Quinn @work
I have no problem with native indians being able to kill them but it would be more acceptable if they killed them during legal daylight hours as with most ungulates like the rest of us.

They also should not be able to harvest them unless there's a viable population to afford the killing of such species. Protected is Protected no matter who you are.

Like AK subsistence. Not a "sport" hunt, but more like meat production.

From: tobywon
They only open up casinos in our state now, that might be next.

From: Grunter
Makes me sick for sure. It makes no sense why we have different rules for different people. It's no wonder I can't catch a legal walleye on one of my favorite lakes after the Indians continue to spear the piss out of it. I literally haven't caught a keeper in over 5 years.

After I saw the DNR report on their "spearing" of the year---2,200 walleyes taken in the spring out of the lake. To me that is disgusting. The moose is just another example of them doing whatever they want.

Hit a deer one time on the rez with my truck. Reported it in the next town and the officer was shocked, because he said there are hardly any deer on the rez because they shoot EVERY SINGLE ONE. And they deer hunt at night. What a joke. They should be ashamed and I hope the spirit of the moose comes back to haunt them

This drives me crazy. There was talk a couple years back that our MI moose population was nearing the capacity that we could have a moose hunt in a few years. however, as soon as the native's heard about this they had huge objections. But, apparently it is fine for them to poach one.

From: deerman406
Funny but no one cares we stole all there lands hundreds of years ago. The US government screwed most of the natives years ago and now we want to judge them. What a F'ing joke. Shawn

From: Franzen
I was just getting ready to say something along those lines Shawn. "We" once "stole" pretty much all they had.

However it is a different time and place, so I tend to agree that it isn't right. I've heard all the stories of natives shooting every living game animal on their lands, and... I believe it based on what I have seen on some reservations. My experience is limited though, so I don't want to paint everyone with a broad brush and assume that is the case everywhere.

It is a tough situation all around.

From: Grunter
Shawn--you need to come to reality. Life is tough, that's what makes states and countries. If your military is weak you get run over. I'm sorry they couldn't defend their land but that's what happens.

They make billions of dollars on their casinos and have their own reservations with their own police and schools. I think they got a great deal compared to the blacks who were slaves at one time

deerman, that was 100-200 years ago. Everyone of us have ancestors that at one point or the other in history did something shitty to someone else, including raping, pillaging, and taking their lands. At what point do we stop paying for the sins of our forefathers? At what point do the people who live in the present lose the ability to use the past as a tool to do whatever they want?

No one on these boards is responsible for what happened to natives and we now live in 2016, but for some reason, feel that people living today deserve something today that others dont because their ancestors got "screwed?" Everyone who "screwed" natives are now dead. All the natives who got "screwed" are now dead.

Black people were torn from their native lands and brought to the USA as slaves around the same time that eastern natives were losing their lands. What reparations and special considerations do you think they deserve?

I'm all for native subsistence hunting/fishing and allowing them to continue eating the foods that they always have, even giving them special rights to those foods. But the experience of many who have been close to native populations as is the case with just about every single hunting population, whether they be white, yellow, red, black, or blue, is that modern hunting and fishing methods without sound and stern management deplete wildlife populations. No seasons without biologist control = no wildlife.

The appeal to nature and historical use does not change the fact that we now live in 2016 and this is the USA, whether people like it or not.

Outrageous. I love my home state. I think it's time for some kind of regulation here (and this goes for nation-wide). Agree with above, those who were wronged and did the wronging are gone. People who seek reparations for wrongs done to their ancestors by my ancestors - no. Different place, different time.

Recognize tribes as religions and absorb the reservations as state lands. Regulate all land and populations the same.


deerman406 - "Funny but no one cares we stole all there lands hundreds of years ago. The US government screwed most of the natives years ago and now we want to judge them. What a F'ing joke. Shawn"

ROTFLMAO!!! I can demonstrate to you very quickly how your kangaroo court of victimization falls apart.

Lets roll with your train of logic, though.

This moose was killed by one of the Lac du Flambeau tribe, an Ojibwa band or "Chippewa". He should have the right to do as he wishes on land that was historically Ojibwa land before the oppression of the US government, settlers who invaded and this advent of the rule of law and individual property rights, where it is theoretically applied to all equally? The tribe's prior occupancy of that land grants them rights that supersede current law, right?


In their expansion, the Ojibwa forced out the Lakota Sioux. So the descendants of the Lakota Sioux have claims that supersede those of the Ojibwa.

My kids have Lakota Sioux blood (not much) and they're pissed that this oppressive, invading, land stealing, Sioux screwing over descendant killed THEIR moose at 1:00am instead of allowing the herd to develop. WTF?!?!

Who gets to pick the point at which the clock starts running on possession and ignore prior acts?

"Recognize tribes as religions and absorb the reservations as state lands. Regulate all land and populations the same."

Joe has it right. Either we're all equal, or we're not.

From: carcus
You should see whats happening in Manitoba, unregulated slaughter

From: tobywon
The article says that the tribe doesn't condone shooting moose, so it sounds like the tribe might not be too pleased with these actions either.

From: Trax
"Funny but no one cares we stole all there lands hundreds of years ago."

As others have said, if you were informed in the least you would know the "taking" of land was going on for hundreds of years before whitey got here. Power knows no color border. As just two more recent examples neither the Sioux nor the Blackfeet were "native" to the lands the French and Americans found them in. They assimilated by force, enslaved, butchered, or drove out the peoples that were there before them. They (the Blackfeet and Sioux) were so hated by many of these tribes some of them joined with the Americans (such as Pawnee and Crow) in hopes to do to the them as had been done to them for decades. It was a changing world, and whether the change for the tribes would have come from the Spanish to our SW, the Russians to our NW, the French, the Brits, the Americans makes no difference. No tribe has no more claim against this country than they do to the tribes who butchered their ancestors.

The worst thing we might have done to these peoples is to give them a free ride. Government housing, government food, government time on their hands. We stole their pride as a people, not "their" land. Their ancestors would be ashamed of how this culture of once proud people has eroded to parasite status. Of course not all of them, those that work for a living as we are all intended to have the responsibility to do are no different than any of us. There's a reason the legal problems, drug problems, alcohol problems, rate of incest etc etc are so much higher than the norm on the res. It has nothing to do with the color of ones skin. It has to do with government induced dependency, sloth, and lack of self worth that it brings.

I hope they're really proud of their moose kill. Just another embarrassment for them and they will never see it. Parasites never do.

From: Dyjack
They stole each others land. Then colonists came and stole the stolen land. Maybe if they spent more time advancing instead of killing each other back then they could've had the technology to beat the colonists. A lot of the res people that do this also preach about equality. Must be cattle there because I smell bull****. Maybe they'd be cool with the land they have if they didn't massacre everything on it. Pretty sure one of the tribes here tried to get ahold of the Valle caldera. That would've been insane.

From: Jim Leahy
Hope its in a freezer and went to good use-too bad but no surprise-two different worlds here. One entitled-one not.

From: wild1
EQUALITY for all, special treatment for NONE.

From: SteveB
And posting a picture of it no less. Unbelievable.

Anyone who has hunted in or around a reservation knows just how sick that whole environment is. Providing housing and monthly checks just because of a historical event generations ago has made them a very weak people. Dilapidated housing, new cars junked in yards, weeds growing everywhere. Pervasive drug and alcoholism... no motivation to excel. A proud people reduced to nearly nothing.

I was moose hunting in Alberta a number of years back and late in the hunt near dark a mule deer forky came out and the native indian "guide" grabbed his rifle and said "I'm going to kill it". Which he attempted to do, but was not able to recover it. I was livid and obviously had an awful hunt. It was my first experience with native indians "rights" to kill whatever they want whenever they want.

Needless to say I didn't get a moose. Saw one young bull, a cow and calf the entire week. That's what happens when you kill whatever moves, just because you can.

From: Glunt@work
Exactly who doesn't have ancestors that lived off the land with their culture, religion and way of life dependent on hunting and fishing? My people didn't come from Mars. They scraped a living out of the dirt, hunted, trapped and fished just like everyone else's ancestors.

From: griz
I experienced something similar in Alberta a few years back except it was my "native" guide (I believe Cree?) who would chase every moose and deer away from the roadways because, in his words "those damn Indians will kill everything, including the calves, cut the backstraps out, and leave the rest to rot".

From: APauls

You should see what happens here in Manitoba! Anyone that can prove native heritage gets a kill-all card! Our entire province is a big swamp perfect for moose and they've been pretty much wiped out over the last 10 years. Now it's the elk because there are no moose left.

There are so many blond haired blue eyed "indians" running around killing anything they want province-wide at any time of day or night with any weapon, out of any vehicle, night-lighting or not.

From: LBshooter
Well is it fair that they can hunt anytime and kill anything? No it's not. They spear walleye and muskies and they take way to many and piss off the lodge owners and fisherman. Would have a problem with the hem spearing if they did it the way their ancestors did, with torches but these spotlights increase tha take tremendously. As far as killing this moose, the reality is the wolves would have gotten it if the Indian didn't and would rather have them feed their family instead of the wolves. Recently heard that WI wolf pop is over 800 which is double of what it should be, 2200 permits will be issued this year so get the population down and maybe the deer and moose may come back.

From: Brotsky
APauls, I had a good education on that this spring in Manitoba. Who hunts ducks at night? In the spring? From their car window?

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