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Antelope Rut
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bowhuntbob 13-Jul-16
otcWill 13-Jul-16
jims 14-Jul-16
bowhuntbob 14-Jul-16
drycreek 14-Jul-16
RD 15-Jul-16
bowhuntbob 20-Jul-16
From: bowhuntbob
When is the rut in northeast Wyoming?

From: otcWill
Starts mid Sept. and goes until about early Oct

From: jims
Rut starts to heat up pretty well the 2nd or 3rd week in Sept.

From: bowhuntbob
Hunting northeast Wyoming Sept. 9th thru the 12th Hope the rut is on!

From: drycreek
My hunt starts the tenth also. Hope you get a good one !

From: RD
I hunted NE Wyoming every other year in the 70's. We always hunted the last week of Sept and every year the rut was going strong. I would expect to see some rut activity by the 10th but not much. I now go to South Dakota, usually so I'm there over the 20th and the ruts going. Last year I went out the opening week of deer season(Sept 25) and saw really good antelope bucks chasing, regretted shooting one the week before.

From: bowhuntbob
My hunting partner and I are pumped for are first Antelope hunt! I wish everyone good luck and hope to see some pictures and read some great stories

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