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Unit 67 Colorado ?
Mule Deer
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brettpsu 15-Jul-16
From: brettpsu
Being I struck out on my Wyoming unit H deer tag this year I searched around and bought a Colorado 67 deer tag. I'm vaguely familiar with the western edge of the unit but mainly just around Rt 149 corridor. My plan is to get down into the La Garita wilderness and hike back in 4-8 miles glassing at some higher elevations. My questions are:

I can only hunt the last 9-10 days of archery and never hunted that late into the season. Do you think the deer will still be at tree line or will they be into thicker cover by then?

The landowner has over 7,000 acres to hunt but a good bit is walk in to the public. They have a lot of scattered smaller(100-300)private parcels I can also hunt but they're surrounded by other private lands and would have to be very careful with property boundaries. Most of the property is southeast of Sawtooth Mountain. Should I mess around for a couple days checking out the private lands or just focus all my time in the wilderness? The landowner knows little to nothing about hunting and offered little help about their lands.

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