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Honey Burn?
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Tracker12 17-Jul-16
Bou'bound 17-Jul-16
Craig 17-Jul-16
Jaquomo 17-Jul-16
spike buck 19-Jul-16
NYbob 19-Jul-16
Saxton 19-Jul-16
Jim B 19-Jul-16
St Cloud 19-Jul-16
DrLongbeard 19-Jul-16
Tracker12 21-Jul-16
From: Tracker12
Any information on how to do a honey burn. I heard most put honey in a glass jar and then put in on a can of sterno.

From: Bou'bound
If you're hunting with an outfitter I wouldn't do this unless he supports it and if he does don't know how to do it

From: Craig
Get a decent size tin can put honey in it put it on top of a propane burner and let it go till it burns.

From: Jaquomo
Tuna can with honey on a small can of sterno. You need to make a tiny little cross out of aluminum to hold it above the flame a half inch or so. Setting it directly on the sterno will put the flame out. Once it gets rolling that white smoke sticks to everything downwind. A propane burner will work too but the sterno is safer and will burn itself out. Sterno also creates a slower, longer burn. Its a great "call bait".

From: spike buck
Way back in the 80's we did burns, but mostly used bacon.

From: NYbob
Sterno makes a nice fold up stove that you put a can of sterno in and rest your coffee can on top, safe so you don't set the woods ablaze

From: Saxton
I do not get the scent thing. In order for an attractant scent to work it has to flow downwind to the animal, hence taking your scent also. ????? This seems like it would be counter productive. I know, I know, it us used all of the time with results. It still makes me wonder how many animals spook compared to the ones that follow the stream of attractant scent.

From: Jim B
No different than the scent stream from any other bait.You don't sit right on it.

From: St Cloud
I use them only as a last resort or if I were to hunt a spot that I never baited. The best thing for you to do is to practice before you do it while hunting. We use to have some serious honey and bacon burns back in the day. used everything from bean cans to coffee cans. Be careful though in windy or dry conditions. When that honey starts to burn out---it gets pretty serious for awhile.

From: DrLongbeard
I have been on several bear hunts, and every bear that has come in to the bait, did during a honey burn.

I would get a small coffee can, fill it about 1/3 full with honey and set it on a small grill(you can make one out of wire or out of another can with snips, it just has to be strong enough to support the honey can) to elevate it off of the sterno. About a 1/2-1" should be enough to allow the air to flow in.

In my hunts, our guide had us light it around 4, and they were a 4 hour sterno, so it would burn until dark. The honey boils first, then turns black and you will get a thick smoke that permeates the air and floats through the woods. It smells AWESOME.

You can also do a peanut butter burn and they do make a jelly donut burn.

The chocolate sow that I shot actually came straight past the bait pile to the can, put her nose in it, and jumped back because of the heat. She bolted out of range for a few minutes, then came back following the smoke trail.

We use small buckets to carry in the sterno, little grill and can of honey on the way to and from the stand. You can pull off some greens as you're heading in and stuff them into the bucket to stop any rattles/noise from carrying it in.

Good luck!

From: Tracker12
Thanks guys. A number of years ago I hunted a spot that someone had did a burn. It smelled for 50 YARD circle and stayed that way for several days.

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