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Nebraska or south dakota public land
Mule Deer
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From: oldertractor
Hi, I'm planning a public land archery mule deer hunt and trying to figure out what state to hunt. I'm looking at Nebraska and South Dakota. This will be my first time hunting mule deer. I have a couple of other guys wanting to join me on this trip. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

From: Worthless
Saw quite a few on some public land out in Butte Co last year, nothing I'd call terribly large. Public land is hard to come by though. SD GFP public hunting atlas would tell you where you can hunt. I have no experience with NE.

From: wifishkiller
Haven't hunted SD, but Nebraska is one of the easiest states to get info on. You can literally setup a whole hunt off there game and fish sight.

From: oldertractor
Thanks for the information

From: KB
Both states are very good with information. Better than my home state of Kansas I feel.. All three have interactive/PDF public land maps on their fish and game sites. The two northern options have detailed harvest data available though. Which is quite valuable to someone going in blind. Check out Nebraska's Big Game guide and South Dakota F&G's Deer page. With the opportunity to kill two OTC bucks for the price of a Kansas tag and maybe 5-10x the amount of public land in each state I'm constantly confused why Kansas takes such precedence in many DIY guy's minds. Bigger bucks, maybe, but I'm intrigued and willing to work hard enough to find out the hard way. Going to hunt all three this year along with Colorado, if things go as planned. :) Good luck!

From: Hunt all
I live in South Dakota and I would say around me there aren't many quality sized mule deer. But I only hunt what I know here so there could be endless opportunities. I live in the very south of South Dakota right by the Missouri River (east river)

From: razorhead
first let me say, I live in Wisconsin, and have done pretty good in South Dakota,,,,, back in 2006 I shot my first buck, in a town where half the houses were abaondoned...... The people out there are great, but a lot of them, do not bow hunt, or were at least at the time, not as hard core as I was.....

A couple of guys joining you on this trip, is your first mistake,,,,, no rancher wants to be contacted, when you can find them, with a group of guys, believe me......

I hunted along the river, both east and west, slept in my own bivy, my trucks, and at motels,,,,,, the opportunity is there, but you need two things,,,, time, and not being with a big group......

I an going back out there this year, but weather will be a factor, since I am going after rifle season, only because I will be hunting my state and Iowa this year....

lots of opportunity out there, but I can tell you, lots of land I was able to hunt, is now leased out to outfitters,,,,, there is still lots of public out there.....

to go out there any less than 2 weeks, if your coming from a long drive, is tough, good luck,,,,,

From: oldertractor
Thanks for the information. I'm looking forward to this hunting trip.

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