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Topo map app needed
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Dave 19-Jul-16
Bullshooter 19-Jul-16
Bullshooter 23-Jul-16
Bullshooter 26-Jul-16
Bhbow 31-Jul-16
From: Dave
Anybody know of a phone app that I can download topo maps into the phone memory for use offline in the Northwest Territories? I have one for the US but can't find anything for the NWT.

From: Bullshooter

Bullshooter's Link
Pretty sure the Gaia GPS app can do it. see link but I am just learning how to get that particular layer.

From: Bullshooter
Turns out that the maps that they currently have at their site do not have much usable topo info for NWT. I emailed them and had a dialogue about it. THe upshot is that they said you can still import nearly any map you find on the internet yourself into their app: Most maps are Tile Map Services (TMS). Please check the Terms of Service for any map service before importing into Gaia GPS, to ensure your use is compliant. Plus they are going to send me instructions for importing a TMS, which I could share if you like.

(I am not planning any hunt for the NWT, but being a GPS nut I just got interested in map availability.)

From: Bullshooter

Bullshooter's Link
Here are the instructions.

From: Bhbow

I have found this simple no thrills app to work well on my apple I phone. I have used it in the Yukon and just looked and it have NWT.

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