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From: kylet

kylet's Link
Here's a link to a pretty bad as film that I really enjoyed. I think a lot of people on here can relate. My apologies if it has been posted before.

From: KyleSS
what an amazing film; thanks for sharing the link

From: Medicinemann
Great video! Thanks for sharing.....the shotgun shell that he carried along is a WICKED good idea!!

From: GhostBird
WOW... great film. Thanks for sharing.

From: APauls
Haven't watched the video yet, but I did check out the website - what an interesting read!!

Best I have seen!!

That gave me chills. What a hunt and to me what it is all about . Good luck this fall. Hunt

From: jst.pursuit
I watched this as it came out since I am a junky for these type of videos. The guys over at Rockhouse knocked this one out of the park!!! If you haven't already seen this, you owe it to yourself to watch it.

Wow. A shame for a man to leave way too early, but some damn good friends he had. Makes me think hard about some of the things ive been wanting to do, but havent made the time to do it. Thanks for sharing this

From: Family Man
That was AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing!

From: drycreek
Very good ! Thanks for posting this.

Very neat! The whole time I was watching I was wondering why would they be using a canoe on that river? I've done 6 Alaskan float trips and always had great luck with inflatable rafts.

At the end of the film I saw their film crew had a raft so I don't understand the canoe on ruff rivers. Inflatable rafts are much more maneuverable and stable in rapids. Does anyone know why, I may be missing something!

These adventure films are fun to watch on many levels. I need to head North "one more time"! Thanks for posting! C

One of the best films I have ever watched! I love the trend in films vs. the TV shows. The hunting films that are coming out these days are incredible.

From: Bowboy
Loved it thanks for posting.

From: elkmtngear
I'm blown away by some of the cinematography. They must have used a drone above the canoe on the river???

Top Notch Production!

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: Snag
Now that's the way to tell a story.

From: Gene
Loved it!!!!

From: SBH
That was amazing. Thanks for posting.

From: lunatic
Good,good stuff! Thanks for sharing :)

From: Destroyer350
That was amazing! Thanks for sharing

+1 Charlie,

Why would you use a canoe? The only reason I can think of is nostalgia, to do it like the old timers before inflatables were invented.

From: APauls
Stellar video. Have to agree with what others have said about the cinematography. I love the short films.

Charlie - I can only imagine the canoe is because the one guy is a canoeist, or because of a plan they had with their friend. Either way, motivational to say the least.

From: tacklebox
Simply great!

From: GotBowAz
Very cool video. Im assuming most if not all of the meat was with the camera crew? I would think there wouldn't be much room in a canoe loaded with two bulls and all their gear. Assume tribute to the friend they lost. great idea by the family to put his ashes in the shell.

From: smurph
Really liked the video and article. Thought about it,probably too much, last night. Why not be more honest about the true logistics of the trip. Giant support raft, no way all the meat was in the raft, antlers in canoe for show, and filming the entire swamping incident from drone (lucky coincidence?). For me that raft created a support net of transportation, aid if needed, and comfort, that was not really credited by authors. Am I way off base with this line of thought. Again, really enjoyed the production.

smurph- even though the support crew was not talked about explicitly in the video, the accompanying article gave a lot of information as well as the extra footage at the end of the film.

I have no problem with them not making a big deal out of the support personnel. It's a story about them fulfilling a dream and paying tribute to the legacy of their departed friend, not a how to hunt moose video.

Anyone who knows anything about float hunting can understand the behind the scenes work it takes to make it possible. Most people who see that film have no clue of what it takes to do what these guys did and trying to explain exactly how it happened would seriously detract from the story line and effect of the film. Enjoy it for what it is. An incredible piece of cinematography and moving story of friendship.

Enjoyed it. Didn't understand some of it but, then again, it may not have been their intent to make their decisions understandable to all. It was a some great camera work.

Being that I've seen a canoe filed with water like that many times, I can honestly say that it never was that clear in my experience. That water is enough to make you want to live there. God Bless

From: smurph
Gerald, good response, you explained that well.

From: Scar Finga
Gerald... X2 Here brother!

Great story, very touching!


From: huntmaster
Great film!! Loved it from start to finish!

From: Thornton
Great video! Made me think about all the "what ifs" so I booked a Canada hunt lol.

From: Royboy
Excellent video,a float trip for moose has always been high on my bucket list. Actually floated the Yukon river in 1977 but now so much better prepared.

Well Done !!!

From: carcus
Loved it!

That was incredible!

From: moosenelson
Me and my hunting partner almost died on the bloodvein river last year during a moose hunt.capsized our canoe and we made at least 4 decisions during the next hour that would of resulted in our deaths if we would have chosen the 'other' option in those 4 decisions. Scary stuff. For the first time in my life, this 44 yr old guy believes i could die in the bush.

The video is pretty cool and the shotgun shell is a great idea. For all the rafters-try paddling upriver, its a bit easier in a canoe.

From: Trial153
really well done.

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