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WY Antelope Unit 57 Advice
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Peter Denzin 24-Jul-16
midwest 24-Jul-16
Charlie Rehor 24-Jul-16
Quinn @work 25-Jul-16
wyliecoyote 26-Jul-16
Peter Denzin 28-Jul-16
Quinn @work 29-Jul-16
From: Peter Denzin
My eldest son and I burned our max. points and drew this tag. This was the year to go as he is taking a gap year before getting his masters degree. This will be his first western hunt. I have been on many but never for antelope. That said, I am looking for any help on general locations and tactics for this huge unit to find the best quality goats and have a quality experience for him. It will be with rifles. I know the north half is checker board BLM and the southern half is almost all public. I have a GPS chip. Any help would be appreciated to optimize our chances for book bucks. Thanks in advance.

From: midwest
"Book bucks" as in Booners?

Would love to hear about your hunt. Should be an awesome time with your son sorting through a lot of lopes to find those Booners. I have max points as well and this is one of the top units on my list. I would be hunting with bow but would still hunt during the rifle season to catch the rut.

82 inches is a B&C buck and that's a tall order but You're in a Unit that takes a lot of points so it should be a great hunt for you and your son. Safe Hunt! C

From: Quinn @work
I can help you guys. PM me and I'll get back to you after Friday when I get back from vacation. I hunted it 3 years ago. You're in for a great hunt. Oil field roads everywhere though.

From: wyliecoyote
Sent you a PM


From: Peter Denzin
Thanks for the responses!

From: Quinn @work

I sent you an email.

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