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closest place to CO for gar
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Titan_Bow 25-Jul-16
eddie c 25-Jul-16
tacklebox 25-Jul-16
OkieJ 26-Jul-16
oldgoat 26-Jul-16
Thornton 26-Jul-16
ahawkeye 27-Jul-16
Brotsky 27-Jul-16
Eagle_eye_Andy 27-Jul-16
Lucas 27-Jul-16
Thornton 28-Jul-16
razorhead 30-Jul-16
thatdogdonthunt 01-Aug-16
From: Titan_Bow
Guys, I'm looking for info on the closest place to Colorado that holds decent numbers of gar. My little boy and I want to try our hand at shooting a few, and maybe catching a couple on the fly rods. I was hoping for something that could be doable in less than 10 hour drive. I was thinking maybe eastern KS or NE, or maybe OK ?? Any ideas on where to start looking?

From: eddie c
I goggled gar range. looks like you have some driving to do.

From: tacklebox
Quite a few gar in the rivers of central KS.....

From: OkieJ
NW Oklahoma has a couple lakes that have them We have Ft. Supply, 10 miles from Woodward, Canton Lake is 55 miles from Woodward and Foss lake is about 25 miles from Elk City.

We have been shooting Canton and Foss the most this year as the water clarity is much better. Will you have a boat?

From: oldgoat
I've shot at them in NE Oklahoma

From: Thornton
We have tons of them here in SC KS. If you are seriously looking to drive that far, PM me and I'll point you to some good public land spots in Greenwood County.

From: ahawkeye
Indiana is full of them, but I'm sure you don't want to drive that far.

From: Brotsky
I would think there are places in Nebraska with lots of gar. We have quite a few in SD, I could only imagine NE would be the same.

Anywhere on the Missouri River and many spots on the Platte river (and related sandpits) have gar, but by far the most places are backwaters and marinas of the Mighty Mo in eastern NE. We found a ton close to the mouth of the Niobrara river at Niobrara Nebraska. They are amazingly tricky to catch on a flyrod, especially by sight fishing. With such bony, toothy jaws the hook doesn't set quite like other species and your tendancy is to set the hook when you see them grab and turn! Good Luck!

From: Lucas
Sebelius or Webster lakes in western Kansas. 3.5-4 hours from Denver.

From: Thornton
Eagleeye- Next time you flyfish for gar don't use a hook. Get white, soft nylon loops and the gar will bite them and they can't get their teeth out. When I was a kid I used to buy gar spinners that had nylon rope loops instead of hooks. It worked everytime but you had to replace the nylon a lot.

From: razorhead
if your serious about gar, there is Texas, and than there is every place else

OkieJ is right. This time of year one can walk the rivers. No need for a reel. Back side of Ft Supply lake dam is good. About 8 hrs from Denver. Plus a nice scenic drive through No Man's Land.

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