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2017 Nebraska DIY Mule deer
Mule Deer
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Chaseasl 29-Jul-16
shb 29-Jul-16
bowcrazyJRHCO 29-Jul-16
Shawn 29-Jul-16
Chaseasl 30-Jul-16
Eagle_eye_Andy 01-Aug-16
LKH 01-Aug-16
Zbone 01-Aug-16
bowcrazyJRHCO 01-Aug-16
From: Chaseasl
We are heading to Northern Nebraska, probably around Valentine next year in October, any help would be great on where to stay or maybe a general idea of which public area to concentrate on, also I'll kill a good whitetail just as fast as a mule deer so any help would be great.

From: shb
Unfortunately there are about 30,000 other guys with the same idea as you.

With unlimited tags, EHD, and limited areas to hunt, your going to see way more license plates from your end of the country than deer.

That horse left the barn awhile ago.

You won't see too many nonresident archers in October. Most of the out of staters come for the rut. Few locals hunt during the week in October, so you will likely have the place to yourself on weekdays. Nebraska has lots of deer and is more managed as an opportunity state. I go to Nebraska every year - lots of public land around reservoirs and niobrara river in that area. It's not easy, especially in October, but you'll see deer. If you are in an area with season choice tags, you can shoot a doe for freezer meat for only $69 - an investment well worth it. My only recommendation is to move your hunt closer to the rut. Valentine is a good place to stay, nice variey of restaurants for a small town. Have fun!

From: Shawn
I was in NEBRASKA last year but on the Kansas border. I did not see another NR hunter and only a few locals. I will say I was heading home on their rifle opener and saw tons of vehicles. Shawn

From: Chaseasl
I'm not necessarily looking for a monster, just a chance at my first mule deer, or a whitetail so I won't leave empty handed, unfortunately the second week in October is literally the only stretch long than two days that I have.

Look-up Merritt Trading Post, there are a few smaller cabins there by Merritt Reservoir within minutes of public all around as well as the refuge. If you are willing to burn some boot leather and you are patient you will have plenty of opportunity.

Good Luck, the Sandhills are like no other!


From: LKH
Here's why I don't think your timing is a complete loss.

I've done quite a bit of muley hunting. Don't get hung up on the rut. I personally don't like it that much since you find a buck, and he's almost always on the move. Makes stalking very difficult.

Then there are always a ton of eyes.

It's kind of like caribou. I've taken a dozen with recurve and longbow and of the lot, I believe 9 were by themselves. Never had a lot of luck getting up on a bunch.

Try and be up on a good vantage point at first light, even if you must disturb the area a little. If you have westerlies (very common) the sun will be at your back and nothing stands out like a mules butt or throat patch.

Tell us your story next winter after season when we are all bored.

From: Zbone
Curious, are there muleys that far east as Valentine?

Yes,lots of muleys around Valentine. Whitetails too.

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