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From: jst.pursuit
Hi all,

I am wondering what to expect on my first high country mule deer hunt. It will be in the flat tops in starting in late August/early September. What will the weather be like? Everything I have found is the 40-80 degree range. Is this accurate? I will be hunting 10-11,000ft. Will there be many bugs at these elevations this time of year?

Also, I have never owned a pair of gaiters. Are they worth the cost and the weight to bring them with?

Thank for all of the input!

From: Jaquomo
General temp range is about right but it could easily frost in the early a.m. Expect rain in the afternoons. About every other year we get our first light snowstorm around Labor Day weekend. Its a running joke in northern CO when all the soggy campers are caught unprepared on the long weekend.

I love gaiters. Afternoon rain and early morning dew in that area can saturate your pants bottoms and socks. Gaiters will help prevent that.

Good luck and enjoy your big adventure!

From: Treeline
Normally nice weather.

You probably want a set of light weight rain gear to keep with you for any rain/snow showers.

Not a big fan of gaiters as they make noise when they rub together or against brush. Makes it tough to get up close on a mule deer buck. Take a spare set of wool socks and change out if you get damp.

The noise issue is why I focus on wearing wool hunting clothes. They will also keep your temperature regulated over a wider range than synthetics or cotton.

Bugs are not an issue.

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