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From: jst.pursuit
If you are up high in the Flat Tops do you get cell service? I ask because I am on the fence about getting a Spot Messenger and if I can get service I would rather save my money.

Does anyone have any advice or recommendations on the spot messenger?

From: Paul@thefort
Cell service. Depends. I hunted the south end of Unit 12 and had no cell coverage because of the mt range between me and Meeker. To get coverage, I had to come down from the mt, drive west 10 miles to a high spot, in line with Meeker, to get coverage.

Spot Messenger? I purchased the upgraded messenger last year and was able to send out to my wife via the web, "I am ok every night and then when I killed my elk, I send "animal down, will be home shortly". I did not have to use SOS.

The Spot was on sale for 1/2 price for $75. ONe year coverage, is $150.


From: oldgoat
Buy a Delorme InReach instead! More money up front, but cheaper subscription, if you do their budget plan and shut it off during months you don't need it will pay for the price difference quickly! Or, rent one, there are places to do that! Don't know where, but there are, Google it! I wouldn't ever count on a cell phone in the back country, if you really need it, you probably won't be in shape to chase down a signal!

From: md5252
I had service in the Flat Tops, units 25 & 26. It was spotty in some spots but enough for me to call home and face time with no prob. In some spots I had really good service

From: MathewsMan
In the next year you should have great Broadband and Cell Service on the Rio Blanco County portion. The 4G towers have been popping up, and the County's Broadband outside Meeker and Rangely should be going up in the coming year.

From: killinstuff
Well............Go to American Tower, Crown Castle and SBA's web sites and do a tower search to see if you'll have coverage where you'll be at. No tower no coverage and just because towers are "popping up" doesn't mean much. Those 3 companies are only doing about 50 BTS sites each across the US this year and the carriers don't build towers on their own. It's all build to suit, if they don't have an anchor tenant leased they won't stack a tower. Plus any money the carriers are spending is mostly on micro and small cell in cities. The only folks doing 4g now is TMO and Sprint (hardly any). Verizon is done with all infill 4G and ATT is 98%. They are waiting on the dust to settle a bit and 5G is a coming.....

From: jst.pursuit
Thanks everyone! I am hunting in 25 and 26 so that md5252 pretty much answers my questions!

From: Wildcountry
I'd recommend Delorme Inreach (now owned by Garmin) as well. You can send any message you like just like texting except the keyboard interface isn't quite as handy. It allows two way messaging which I don't think you get with the Spot.

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