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Mule Deer
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Scar Finga 02-Aug-16
wildwilderness 02-Aug-16
From: Scar Finga
Arizona has tons of OTC deer tags and tons of good areas!

Utah General units are good for archery season. Try the central areas. You can also hunt the Extended Areas through November with that tag. Need to put in for the Draw in the early Spring though. NR can draw some areas with 0 points for archery

Colorado has a ton of deer. Look for an Either Sex tag if going for the experience since does are generally a lot easier to get if it comes down to the last day. You will have to draw a tag as well, but many units you can draw with 0 points. There are some 2nd choice areas, but the hunt is a little harder.

I have hunted AZ OTC deer a few times, and that is way harder than UT or CO IMO. AZ does give you a different season to hunt in Jan!

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