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Trophy_Taker 03-Aug-16
Droptine47 03-Aug-16
Firsty 06-Aug-16
Trophy_Taker 07-Aug-16
justinspicher 07-Aug-16
From: Trophy_Taker
Can any of you provide some insight on deer hunting in 76? I know many here have elk hunted the unit but I've not found much info on deer hunting. Have you seen many large bucks in the unit? What is a reasonable expectation (170, 180, 190+)? Where would you concentrate your efforts to find big bucks? I plan to trailer camp and use an ATV to access areas for day hikes. I will make a scouting trip next week and then return for the hunt. Any info would be welcomed to help me narrow this large unit down. Access points for getting a trailer into, good camping locations, etc.

From: Droptine47
PM sent.

From: Firsty
Are you going with the bow or gun?

From: Trophy_Taker
Firsty, it's a muzzleloader tag.

I'm in and out of that unit daily for work with the forest service, there's some huge bucks down there.

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