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Crazy Thaw Side Effects
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Lone Bugle 05-Aug-16
APauls 05-Aug-16
moosenelson 05-Aug-16
From: Lone Bugle

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Sounds like a movie script...

From: APauls
Can't wait until it's warm like the mid-west up here...we'll have bumper deer crops. As much as I love winter I could knock it down from 5 to 3 months and not sweat it.

From: moosenelson
Hear hear Apauls! We could use some global warming. Im gonna go light a tire on fire to help out!!

Here is what i postwd in the comments:

Outdoorhub: stupid article, stupid assertions. I got a question for ya... How did anthrax get there in the first place? Answer:it was warmer there a looong time ago. Im embarrassed for you.

Your "With the planet warming at the rapid rate that it is now" is a false narrative. No global warming for over a decade isnt very rapid.

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