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From: mano-a-mano
My son has a 12A Archery tag and I'll be taking him up over labor day with a few extra days added on ahead of the weekend.

I haven't been up on the Kaibab in 20yrs and don't recall what the roads are like during the archery/monsoon season. It seemed like back then just about any road I used was good enough for a car and the bad ones were still doable in a 4x2. Plus I don't recall any AZ pinstriping.

That said, it seems that every where I go nowadays the roads have not been maintained now that everyone has an ATV/UTV. I keep running into narrow high clearance rutted roads with offroading loops around bad parts. It seems I have to take pick, shovel, chainsaw, just about everywhere I go.

So, what's it like on the Kaibab now? Can I get out on any road in my F250 diesel 4x4 or are there areas that will be a problem? Should I take a UTV (long way to tow and I prefer the comfort of my truck)? If truck accessible, will it take me hours to get all the way down a ridge that I can cover in <30m in a UTV? Are there creeks or flooding washes to deal with in heavy rain?

From: Chuckster
Congrats on the tag. I would highly suggest you get on the Kaibab NF website and look at there travel management map. Numerous roads have been closed. The rule of thumb is, if its not on the map, its closed. I have it downloaded on my phone for quick reference. Also, the 30ft camping rule is in effect. Last year I had many vehicles driving on one closed road to get to another closed road. I called the North Kaibab office to complain to no avail. I even supplied lic# and vehicle descriptions. I based my hunting strategy on a closed road and needless to say I was not happy. I have this tag again and I will be calling them next week that they need to enforce the closures. I don't even take my quad, there's deer everywhere. Good luck on your hunt.

From: Heat
I've been up there during some pretty wet weather and never even come close to getting stuck. Not much snotty stuff on top. It drains quick and has a nice gravel base. No worries.

From: mano-a-mano
Thanks for the info. Good to hear some places haven't changed or been destroyed by ATV use.

From: Scar Finga
You will be fine. No worries at all!

Good Luck!


I have read this is a great hunt. What caliber of buck can a guy expect to take being new to the unit?

I don't know of many roads on the Bab' that get 'bad' during wet weather. The soil with rock foundation is excellent for absorbing a lot of water, while maintaining the integrity of the surface. I've been up there when 2" in 4 hours fell.......roads were no problem at all. Remember, the Kaibab was historically a major logging such, the roads were built to withstand heavy big rig travel. You won't have any issues, IMO.

I was up there two weeks ago in the rain... you can take your wife's car. Ed F

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