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Colorado leftover????
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Adventurewriter 07-Aug-16
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Is the only way to buy a leftover tag either on the phone or in person????

From: Thornton
It has already come and gone on August 2. Only way to hunt is find a landowner tag which usually bring top dollar or buy an outfitted hunt that comes with a landowner tag.

Thornton the tag I want is still can buy them until they are gone...

From: trublucolo
Ted, does CPW still have the feature where you can submit a text message on the online site under "contact us"? They were always good about getting back with a guy within a couple of days via email. I always liked getting answers straight from the horses mouth.


Tru Blu I will call them tomorrow I can't go to an office so it will have to be on the phone....thanks...hopefully the big phone jam is over...

From: Vids
You should be able to buy it online right now, online sales opened up at 12 am on Wednesday, August 3rd.

From: wyliecoyote
As a NR, I could apply by mail as long as it wasn't post marked before 7/27.


From: txhunter58
As Vids says, if it shows currently on leftover list, you should be able to buy it online right now.

From: Mint
I thought archery Antelope was otc? I'm assuming you are talking rifle?

From: coyote
Guess I'm hijacking this thread but I can't figure out how to start a new topic on the Colorado state site. I've found a place to archery hunt pronghorn in Colorado the middle of September. I'm coming from Indiana so obviously I have to have an out of state license. The kicker, at this point, is that I need to have hunter ed certificate to get a hunting license. ( I was born 12/11/49 so I missed not needing the hunter ed certificate by 11 months and 12 days) I've hunted out west in Montana, South Dakota, and Idaho and haven't needed the hunter ed course so I've never taken the test or class to obtain one either in my home state or a different state.

I had thought about trying to get a hunter ed class completed within the next month but there are no hunter ed classes in Indiana between now and mid September. Reading the guidelines I see that I can take an on line test and must pass with 90% AND I can only take the test ONCE ! Pretty strict guidelines. If I don't pass I can't buy a license unless I take a hunter ed course which pretty much rules out me hunting this year.

Was wondering if anyone may have had experience with the on line test ? I can't find a pretest or study guide so I have no idea if I even have a remote chance of passing the test with a 90% "grade." I'm even thinking about having my wife take the test to see if she can pass it since she is also a hunter and has taken the hunter ed class in Indiana.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

From: fubar racin
My understanding is anyone with a hunting background and a slight understanding of co regs should pass easy.

From: Halibutman
Texas offers hunter education online. It's valid to hunt Colorado and anywhere else that requires certification, as far as I know.

From: Brun
Colorado definitely honors hunter education certificates from any state.

Good to go got my tags thanks for the help guys

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